Get Cash Credits and Tax Rebates

Surely you have heard the following question as you went through your grocery store checkout: “Want CPF in the bill?” Many are accustomed and accept the proposal, but there are still people who are unaware of the real benefits of placing the CPF on the tax coupon, as well as its real purpose. Want to discover the main advantages of informing the CPF number at the time of purchase and understand once and for all why the project exists? So read our article and get your questions answered!

Understand how the project works


The CPF inclusion program in the note, initially created by the Sao Paulo state government, has its main objective the reduction of tax evasion rates. When requesting the inclusion of the document number, the merchant is required to register the sale by issuing the tax coupon, which prevents traders from reporting a lower billing amount in order to reduce the incidence of ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services).


In Sao Paulo, the credits correspond to 30% of the amount of tax paid. When informing the CPF since the taxpayer is already registered on the SEFAZ website website, the amounts are being deposited in a kind of checking account.

Because it is an extremely safe measure and under the responsibility of state governments, there is no reason to be suspicious: the document number is recorded only on the purchase date, without the need for the establishment to retain the original document. . It is also worth noting that the purchase date is not sent to the IRS, as many Brazilians also fear.


In addition to Sao Paulo, the project is available in the states of Alagoas, Amazonas, Bahia, Cear, Federal District, Goiás, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Par, Para ba, Paran, Piau, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul , Rondonia and Sergipe.

Learn the advantages of putting the CPF on your note

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Each state has a specific destination for the credits obtained with the CPF inclusion programs in the note. Here are some examples of how you can use redeemed credits:

Rebate in taxes

In most states, credit generated by the CPF tax coupon may be used as a discount on the payment of your car’s IPV Motor Vehicle Property Tax. On the program’s website (which is different for each state), just look for a similar option to “Use credits” and then “Discharge or rebate in value of IPVA”.

Cash redemption

For those who prefer extra money on the account, there is also the option to redeem the credits via bank transfer. In this case, there is the possibility of sending the credits directly to the savings provided that your bank institution is registered. That way you keep a financial reserve for emergencies without feeling your pocket weigh so much.


In addition to taking advantage of IPVA discounts and cash redemptions, those who ask for the CPF on the banknote also compete for cash prizes through monthly sweepstakes. The Paulista Invoice, for example, offers monthly premiums of up to $ 1 million!

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