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Research by the Institute for Nutrition and Food Industry in Tehran has shown that a third of senior citizens suffer from malnutrition. According to state More News agency is a quarter of the Iranian population over 60 years old and classifies them as senior.

Research showed that the current foods and quality seniors are receiving need improvement, and one-third of the time seniors are at risk of malnutrition and a quarter of depression.

This is during pensioner in Iran have been gathering for protests for many months. Retirees gathered in late 2020 and early 2021 weekly to express their economic needs and to demand higher pensions. Despite steep increases in prices and the cost of living, the Iranian regime has not increased the wages of retirees.

Pensioners symbolically placed tablecloths on the floor during their protests to indicate that they could not afford food and basic needs. Some of their posters contained direct messages to the regime’s top leader, Khamenei, urging him to improve their living conditions.

In JuneIsmail Gerami, aged 67, a pensioner and labor activist, was sentenced to prison terms and lashes for protesting. Ismail took an active part in protests of pensions for higher wages in Tehran.



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