Abortion ban in Texas should wake democrats: A dystopian hellscape awaits without filibuster reform


This week the Supreme Court approved Roe v. Wade functionally flipped and rolled out the red carpet for every GOP-controlled state in the country to pass similarly dystopian laws that rely on self-proclaimed misogynist bounty hunters to monitor the bodies of women. Significantly, they did so in the most cowardly fashion, using the “shadow protocol” to pass an unsigned judgment in the middle of the night. As Judge Elena Kagan wrote in her heavily signed dissent, the court’s decision was “unfounded, inconsistent and impossible to defend”.

The lily-colored nature of the Roe coup suggests that Conservative judges are well aware that the right to abortion is widespread among those who are not Bible-eyed misogynists. A 2019 Perry Undem poll showed that 73% of Americans don’t want Roe to be tipped, which fits into a larger trend of growing support for reproductive rights. As Dan Pfeiffer notes in his Message Box newsletter, abortion rights are particularly popular with the “influx of college-educated voters to the suburbs,” “one of the main factors that make Texas a battlefield state.”

Republicans understand that being openly against abortion is bad policy. That’s why both Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh pretended at their hearings that they had no intention of overthrowing Roe – and why shady Republican politicians like Maine Senator Susan Collins pretended to believe them. And because of this, GOP experts have put the public under pressure to make this decision.

That’s not it” technically a Roe overturn “lawsuit is flatly contradicted by the many patients who had abortions this week who were only told they couldn’t have them because the procedure is banned in Texas.

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As Roy Edroso wrote in his Substack, “Today’s Conservatives are loud and proud of almost all of their insane and vicious beliefs,” but about the Roe coup, “they remain so calm – and to the extent that they acknowledge it happens and tries to make it look like something else. ” Fox News largely ignored the court orderand when Tucker Carlson finally spoke about it, he lied and denied that it was a “radical” imposition of women’s rights.

Republicans don’t like to talk about their unpopular views on reproductive rights. But even the party leaders did nothing to prevent Texas from enforcing this radical abortion ban. On the contrary, the party has done everything in its power to achieve this, from filling the courts with right-wing ideologues who don’t care about laws or precedents, to helping theocratic politicians who pass those laws. Republicans are not concerned about voter backlash in 2022 or 2024. They believe they have successfully made it so that voter will no longer matters.

And they rightly believe it, for they are backed by two Democratic senators who, out of stubborn ignorance or troll malice, are the best friends Republicans have in their quest to end democracy: Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona. Whatever their motivations, both senators have refused to vote to end or even reform the Senate’s archaic and anti-democratic filibuster. And with the Senate as tightly divided as it is, almost no Democratic legislation can get around Republican obstruction unless these two objectors change their minds.

It is obvious that the filibuster is the problem.

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi promised a vote on the law to protect women’s health earlier this month. The bill would fulfill President Joe Biden’s promise to sign a bill to protect Roe v. Codify Wade and make Texas law illegal. But the Senate Republicans will simply use the filibuster to prevent this bill from ever getting any debate, let alone a vote, in the Senate.

But in reality the problem is much broader, as the Republicans in the Senate use the filibuster to block necessary electoral protection and democratic reforms. Unless Manchin and Sinema get along really quickly and pass laws like the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, state-level Republicans will be able to use tactics like gerrymandering, voter suppression, and direct election rigging to ensure that the Will the American majority have no influence over who actually holds power in this country.

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Texas has become bluer in the past few years, but Republicans in that state have already figured out a solution to the “problem” that voters can choose their leaders. On the same day that the state’s ban on abortion went into effect, Texas state lawmakers passed a draconian anti-electoral bill that targets urban voters, especially those of color, and makes it very difficult to vote. The Democrats in the Texas Legislature have resisted fiercely, even fled for weeks to deny the Republicans quorum, but ultimately their message was addressed to Manchin and Sinema: We need an end to the filibuster so that voting rights can be protected. Manchin met with the Texan group but continued to defend the filibuster before embarking on a fundraiser from GOP-affiliated energy enthusiasts.

Republicans have good reason to believe that America is transforming into a post-democratic state in which the will of the majority is being overruled by a right-wing minority that has successfully destroyed all avenues of democratic accountability. First they captured the federal courts. Now the Supreme Court is using the “shadow file” to pass an extreme right-wing agenda – including this abortion ban – without being accountable to the public. And while the Democrats are currently technically controlling the federal government with the help of Sinema and Manchin, that will soon be over. Republicans will be able to rig elections to “win” the White House and Congress without actually convincing a majority to vote for them.

This ban on abortion is the first taste of what life will be like under the permanent minority rule of the GOP. It is a reminder that the people who will win the most are fundamentalist Christians, who are rapidly decreasing in number, but still feel entitled to impose their patriarchal, bigoted and joyless worldview on the rest of the country. Secularism and religious freedom are right in their sights. The abortion ban, which is absolutely about imposing a theocratic view of reproductive rights on the public, is likely only the first step. LGBTQ rights, birth control and other secular freedoms that we now enjoy are also at stake once democratic accountability ceases to be an obstacle to rights. And as this abortion ban shows, fundamentalists are so close they can taste it. And all because democratic dum-dums like Manchin and Sinema stand by and allow the right to steal our democracy.


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