Afghans stay, so do the mountains


Afghans stay, so do the mountains

The historic US-Afghan peace deal will pave the way for the full withdrawal of US forces from war-torn Afghan soil. Afghanistan has once again turned out to be a graveyard for another superpower, the United States after the British and the USS

Published on 02.03.2020 | author RK news

The historic US-Afghan peace deal will pave the way for the full withdrawal of US forces from war-torn Afghan soil. After the British and the USSR in the past, Afghanistan has once again proven itself to be a graveyard for another superpower, namely the United States. The American-led NATO attack on Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001 under the name “Operation Enduring Freedom” with the aim of uprooting al-Qaeda, but after the longest war of about 18 years the question of what America is has achieved with it besides the loss of men and machines?

After the hunt for Al-Qaeda boss Usama Bin Laden in Abetabad Pakistan in May 2011, the US came under fire as to what it would now achieve in Afghanistan after the elimination of its main enemy? All three consecutive presidents, Mr Bush, Mr Obama and Mr Trump, promised victory in Afghanistan, but they all faced grave failures in both the political and military spheres. President Obama called the Iraq war a “strategic mistake” and had promised to win the war in Afghanistan, but it too ended in a political and military mistake for the United States because of a small group of Taliban experts in Guirella warfare in the rugged topography of Afghanistan can urge the US to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

The much discussed agreement, according to a copy of the agreement, calls for the full withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan within 14 months, with the Taliban guaranteeing that Afghan soil will not be used by terrorists with the aim of attacking the United States or its allies from the US State Department released. However, the agreement does not specify whether this commitment to reduce violence and sever all ties with al-Qaeda will continue. Instead, it states that a ceasefire should be agreed in intra-Afghan talks that are due to begin in the coming days. The question now arises, will the intra-Afghan talks be successful or will they turn out to be a failure which, unfortunately, can make the crisis worse?

While the Afghan Taliban consistently maintained their stance, which was reflected in their most recent statement by their Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar: “I urge all Afghans to stand up honestly for peace and to meet at the table for peace negotiations.” that the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan would enable all Afghans to live a “peaceful life under Islamic law”. On the other hand, the Norwegian former Prime Minister said: “The road to peace is long and hard. We have to be prepared for setbacks and spoilers, there is no easy way to peace, but that is an important first step. ”Here, too, the question remains whether both sides, ie the United States and the Afghan Taliban, trust each other and will move forward to build peace for Afghanistan, and eventually for the entire region, or not?

President Trump has been in favor of a complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan from the start, but Joseph Nye, a professor emeritus at Harward, whose most recent book, “Do Morals Matter? Presidents and Foreign Policy from FDRto Trump “said that” Trump would not be the first president to exaggerate the importance of a ceasefire in an election year “while investigating the precedent in Vietnam. So the question arises again, is this deal an electoral ploy for Trump?

After all, the Afghan Taliban stood like a rock before the calculated power of the world; They are forcing them to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan. The US, with its heavy losses and intense internal pressure, agreed to recall its troops from Afghanistan under the long drawn-out agreement in order to preserve its reputation and hegemony in the world order. These are questions that will be answered in the very near future, but the whole world expects both sides to live up to expectations and work to keep world peace.

(Author is a history student at Jamia Millia, Islamia)

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