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Shiban Khaibri
As if this strange conundrum of “secular” and “communal”, “divisive” and “cohesive”, “fundamentalist” and “right”, “left” and “leaning left”, Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb would be like an intricate political conundrum Bugging no country other than our country in the world was not in itself sufficient, because now the bulldozers were also divided into “secular” bulldozers and “municipal” bulldozers. The one that demolished a few unauthorized buildings in Jehangirpuri and the one that demolished the 300 year old revered Shiv Mandir in Alwar Rajasthan are becoming increasingly politicized and the country’s environment continues to seethe otherwise we would very unfortunately witness a chain of Unsolicited protests, sit-in-dharnas, acts of violence such as shelling, even shooting, followed by victimhood for nothing have been under what appears to be a well-orchestrated agenda at work in this country for the past couple of years, which has also reportedly been getting enough oxygen from various anti -India is getting lobbies and hate India forums from abroad which have a trend of spreading an anti-India narrative. A proper basis, structure, system, framework and sustainable order must be built for everything that has been confiscated thanks to those who sat in the cockpit of this great country’s pruned airship after “independence”. They shaped it politically, culturally and socially to their whims, since they were not elected and duly mandated by the people of the country. They took the reins of the country under an instrument of “transfer of power” and who transferred it – those who had invaded and usurped India in 1757 because the invading Mughals had backed down into the vengeful fate of non-entity.
However, it was time to shape and shape India in a way that would encompass its historical grandeur, its rich cultural and spiritual heights, and also the fact that it was the seat of learning and scientific analysis. On the contrary, what is commonly known as the “general consensus”, and perhaps willy-nilly if not intentionally, the dispensation of the time did not consider it necessary to engage with and vividly project the ethos and core thought of India. Instead, what was created was in many ways a mess, although many visionary leaders have opposed it on many occasions. Netaji Subash Bose, who had previously been eclipsed for ignoring his unprecedented contribution to the freedom movement, was reportedly absent at the critical time in shaping India’s fate because he did not know an August 18, 1945 plane crash in Taiwan survived. In short, this has tended to carve out an area of ​​appeasement, unwanted favoritism, and special consideration that has now become so hardened, so ingrained, and so practically irrevocably established that it seems to be the fait accompli of people who follow a faith which is the oldest in the world, recently thrown at Shoba Yatras in twelve different places in no less than seven states of this country on the eve of the holy festival of Ramnavmi, followed by some places on Hanuman Jayanti.
It can honestly be said that those who have been at the helm together since August 1947 failed to emphasize and project what was so special and unique about India and as such core India, even after it was divided at the request of Jinnah and the Muslim League became . Indian high ideas were not obsolete, but there was no willingness to study them, let alone adopt them from these leaders. These leaders, who had studied English, English law and English literature, became our masters, who saw in the ancient Indian civilization only the so-called orthodoxy or prevailing poverty and ignored what India was when the British took political control of it by two hundred to rule for years. It was up to the leadership of the time to tell the world that we were a great civilization and that we would prove once again that we could reach those levels. Sure, millions needed to be rescued from hardship, hunger, despair and perpetual neglect after Partition, but the Indian people also really needed to be educated on history and how invasions and then Partition had dealt a severe blow to the uniqueness of Indian civilization . It wasn’t done, instead, invaders were glorified, history was misinterpreted and thus written into the curriculum – Babar the warrior, Akbar the Great, etc. Torn-out legacies of faith were not rebuilt with government funds, the list is endless. But past is past, but why should the present unfortunately be as polluted as that of 1946 or a few years before that needs serious thought.
So it should be in this country. these people must explain their conduct, demeanor, daring and “why and for what” they took out shoba yatras and thus perhaps “provoked” rioters to throw them. They are asked by some opportunistic leaders if they had proper written permission(s) from “several” authorities and if they had “some sense”, very and cautiously, very consciously, cautiously, careful, respectful and then honoring sensibilities of “sensitive areas” and not crossing such de-facto(ly) declared sensitive areas nor chanting religious slogans. What is this sensitive area and how is it identified? Sensitive in what sense and why is it sensitive? On what basis and by what Act of Parliament was a specific area of ​​divided India declared “sensitive” and how did it become sensitive?
The tragedy is that such questions cannot even be asked in this divided India, which would be labeled anti-secular and divisive. The Jodhpur District Administration under the Secular Government of Rajasthan, therefore issuing instructions that certain areas should have uninterrupted electricity supply during the Holy Month is all secular, but the same type of directive cannot be applied in relation to the fasting of Holy Navratra – Festivals and associated rituals lasting a month are banned because that would be grossly anti-secular. Why not ensure an uninterrupted power supply for all citizens, given how much the country has developed over the years. Giving and later withdrawing such orders, if any, and commenting on them looks cheap as well, but why not adequately criticize such a trifle and stop it immediately.
Now the other question is equally important. Did Shaheen Bagh agitators obtain prior permission and was it granted in December 2019 to agitate indefinitely and for no reason? Did groups of women similarly request prior permission in February 2020 to protest Shajmahal in Aligarh to raise “Aazadi slogans” and vow to continue anti-CAA agitation? Have agricultural agitators obtained permission in advance to agitate so “overwhelmingly” and on such a large scale and scale at the Delhi Haryana border, taking all the paraphernalia that will last for months together? The list is exemplary and not complete. Since two mistakes, quite a lot together, cannot make one right and therefore any procession – religious, cultural, political and even a sad one – must in principle have prior permission to maintain law and order, except for these Ramnavmi procession(ists) of a few hundred had reportedly already obtained due permission, and hypothetically not, should they nevertheless have been exposed to stones rained down on them, the worst witnesses in the Karauli Congress that ruled Rajasthan, where the The show of violence was horrific and silent The main suspect and his accomplice are reportedly still underground and have not been brought to justice.
What happened at Jehangirpuri in New Delhi and who caused it, Prime Minister Kejriwal says Modi is responsible. Ask Ashok Gehlot who is responsible for Karauli Violene, Pat comes the answer – Modi. However, who is responsible for the desecration and demolition of the 300 year old Shiv Temple in Alwar Rajasthan – if it is not Modi directly but his BJP councilors in the ULBs, must and can be responsible. What a hopeless tale and what a cunning explanation and what a scenario of the country’s dirtiest politics? However, no pebble was thrown in protest by the injured Alwar Hindu followers, for which they must be commended and praised. The other side of dealing with the problem and having full administrative control over law and order can be seen in Utter Pradesh where seven hundred such yatra processions were performed but no pebble was thrown anywhere and not even a single incident of negligible magnitude occurred, but how? It’s because of fear of the law and nothing else. Unless a fear of righteousness is instilled, peace, order, and tranquility cannot be assured.
Why should political patronage and “other support” be extended at all to non-Indians like Rohingyas and Bangladeshis, who continue to clandestinely enter and settle in different parts of this country and enjoy diverse support? Why shouldn’t they enter Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, etc. and why only this country? So why shouldn’t bulldozers demolish unauthorized buildings and evict invaders from illegally occupied public lands? Misplaced politicization and always religious map and victimhood, even after 1947 two separate theocratic countries were separated from this great country should neither take place nor be allowed. It cannot be allowed to always look at things through the prism of common vision, enough has been done to lead to division. All Indians must therefore live in harmony and tolerance with one another according to the laws of the country and according to the constitution, making this country a strong military and economic power.


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