Arghavan Khosravi “UNCERTAINTY” Edition Case Study



Arghavan Khosravi is an Iranian-born artist living in New York who creates works that reflect the paradoxical childhood she experienced in Iran. Through a careful selection of symbols, materials and motifs, Khosravi comments on the ongoing restrictions and censorships women face in their home country.

The artist has collaborated with Case Studyo on a new semi-biographical work entitled “UNCERTAINTYâ€. The artist has appropriated an original painting she made in 2020, using a timeless tradition of her background – Persian tapestries. Perisan carpets are over 2,500 years old and were first developed to cover the ground for nomadic tribesmen who wanted a stable base from which to fight the elements. Since then, they have grown into a cherished art form, showing everything from their own history to the city they came from to the traditions that have formed over the years.

Khosravi undermines the medium by presenting several women trapped in the narrowness of the carpet. Characteristic of her earlier works, the artist uses a binding red cord, which refers to the theocratic rule of today’s Iran. The original painting was made shortly before the pandemic and exudes the uncertainty that befell the world in the months to come.

The artwork is made up of two separate panels that are woven together to enhance the feeling of overlay. “UNCERTAINTY” is limited to an edition of eight units. To purchase, please visit Case Studyo’s website.

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