Assam Police transfer case ABT, AQIS terror outfit to NIA


Speaking of the recent arrest of 16 people with ties to the Ansarul Bangla Team (ABT) and Al-Qaeda Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) terror groups, Assam Police Director-General Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said on Sunday that the police had referred a case to National Investigating Authority (NIA). The DGP said: “One particular case has already been referred to the NIA and information shared with Interpol to crack down on radical Islamist groups in the state. The NIA has been very active. There are other cases registered as well, I’m sure the NIA will be happy to take on other cases as well.”

“Some of them got caught and some of them gave us a slip. But we arrested a large network of activists, and we also arrested several kingpins who took the lead. We have found the links in Tripura, Madhya Pradesh and Bengal. Some of them have slipped to Bangladesh. So we need to lock down activities accordingly,” he added. The DGP said the police team made arrests in Madhya Pradesh, Tripura and Bengal, while some of them fled to Bangladesh.

“The people who were caught by MP were trained here. We captured the people who fled to Tripura from there. One of them gave a lead that we’re investigating. The Bengali police are also cooperating in the operation,” said DGP. He said these people come here on tourist visas. But then violating the visa law and staying behind to spread the words of jihad.

“Actually, the visa is a problem, they come for medical tourism, but they come here to spread the word of jihad. So we keep a false eye. And we will not allow any violation of the visa law.” In a protracted operation, the Assam police blew up several modules of the terrorist groups ABT and AQIS in Assam on April 25 and arrested 16 people so far.

After the operation, Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma described the police operation as a tremendous intelligence success and an example of courage. “It is a great achievement for the intelligence services and a true example of the courage and dedication of the Assam Police. ‘ adds Sarma.

Mufti Saiful Islam (Bangladeshi National), Imran Hussain, Noushad Ali, Khairul Islam, Badshah Soleman, Mamunur Rashid, Mufti Suleman Ali, Saddam Hussain and Moqibul Hussain are among the key defendants arrested by Assam police. Assam police released the names of the accused and said they would continue their offensive against the terror module. (ANI)

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