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So many things go wrong—and so many radically bad decisions are made—that it would be pointless to focus on just one topic in this column. Before we can solve anything, we need to go point by point to understand the madness, incompetence, and destructiveness that historians will one day define as the “Biden disaster.”

Many of these will appear in future columns. Each item poses an economic, national, or cultural threat to America. Many will take a generation or more to recover or resolve.

This list isn’t in any particular order because it’s so destructive—and so odd in some cases—that I’m not sure a specific sequence exists. Taken together, they present a pattern that will alienate most Americans. If they come to define the modern Democratic Party, the Democrats could turn into a small minority faction for a generation or more.

1. Inflation is out of control and set to get worse. The Biden administration’s spending policies are driving inflationary pressures as the Federal Reserve plans to expand an already bloated money supply to meet the left’s insatiable need for more cash. The dogged policy against American oil and gas guarantees pain at the pump and sends heating oil and fertilizer prices skyrocketing. Losing Ukraine and much of Russia as sources of food and fertilizer will guarantee higher food prices – which will cause more pain than gas prices.

2. President Biden’s statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be tried as a war criminal feels good but is incredibly dangerous. Mr. Putin possesses more than 5,000 nuclear weapons and he is adapting Russia’s economy to survive the sanctions. Mr. Biden will look impotent and Mr. Putin will look like a vicious, brutal survivor.

3. Mr. Biden’s superficial dishonesty is further exposed by American reliance on Russia to reach a deal with Iran. The theocratic dictatorship will not negotiate directly with America, so our negotiations will be handled through the Russian ambassador. Furthermore, the Russians are demanding that we lift all sanctions on their dealings with Iran as a price for helping Mr. Biden strike a really bad deal with the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism.

4. Mr. Biden and the West remain reluctant to provide effective military aid to Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a Churchillian in his courage and determination. Mr. Biden is so pathetic he makes Neville Chamberlain look strong. Ukrainians are dying every day while American bureaucrats and politicians are not giving them the help they deserve.

5. Disney, like many large corporations, is “waking up” at home while bowing to the Chinese and other dictators. The profit-over-patriotism cycle in big corporations is currently going to lead to massive popular rejection. Former Michigan President Donald Trump warned: “We should have zero tolerance for bright CEOs who are getting rich abroad from the world’s worst human rights abusers while pushing radical politics here at home in our classrooms. Huge corporations doing business in communist China while attacking our values ​​here in America should face a massive and crushing tax on all profits made in China. You should lose all tax benefits and all preferential treatment under US law.”

6. Mr. Biden is radically pro-transgender at the expense of women’s rights and destroying Title IX protections for women in sport.

7. The US Department of Health and Human Services raised the transgender flag last week. Congress should pass legislation allowing only the American flag and state or host country flags to be flown on government property, including embassies.

8. The Left introduces laws in Maryland and California allowing babies to be killed days after they are born (28 days in the case of Maryland). Pure outright infanticide is now part of the modern Democratic Party.

9. Democratic cities and George Soros-funded prosecutors continue to drive crime. So Mr. Biden appoints a Supreme Court Justice to give lenient sentences to convicted pedophiles. Democrats increasingly favor the criminal over the victim and the lawbreaker over the lawman.

10. The southern border is a disaster. To be clear, this catastrophe is not due to incompetence and is not inevitable. The policy of the Biden administration is to allow as many people as possible to enter the United States illegally. In New York City and other left-wing jurisdictions, pressure is mounting to let illegal residents vote. The upcoming rule to drop public health requirements while still requiring Americans to wear masks on planes is another example of Democrats’ passion to hurt Americans and help people who come here illegally.

11. Mr. Biden clearly has cognitive challenges. Vice President Kamala Harris is clearly cognitively hopeless (and perhaps the dumbest person ever elected Vice President).

These are dangerous times – and the problems are historical rather than political.

America’s security and survival are at stake. The current White House team is utterly incapable of handling these many simultaneous challenges.

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