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Iran records one of the hottest days on record.

Amid the fears, world leaders have decided to take a little break from dealing with a threat that could wipe out humanity climate change With too much else to do at the moment, US Stormwatch quickly spotted the 52.2°C (126°F) recorded by Abadan on June 20 in southwestern Iran.

It wrote on Twitter: “This is the hottest temperature on Earth this year and one of the highest ‘pre-solstice’. [pre-June 21] temperatures ever measured.”

London-based youth platform Unilad for news pointed out this UN said General Secretary Antonio Guterres in April: “Some government and business leaders say one thing but do another. Put simply, they are lying. And the consequences will be catastrophic.”

Guterres went on to warn that the planet is “already dangerously close to tipping points that could lead to cascading and irreversible climate impacts.”

“But governments and companies with high emissions aren’t just turning a blind eye, they’re adding fuel to the fire,” continued Guterres.

When Abadan recorded its astonishing 52.2°C, other parts of Iran recorded highs of 50°C (122°F), as shown in AccuWeather.

bne IntelliNews reported on June 21 that more than 50 people were hospitalized amid a heatwave of over 51.5°C in the city of Dehloran in western Iran (at the same time Europeans were complaining of temperatures exceeding 40°C) .

“Brutally hot conditions have recently spread across parts of Kuwait, Iraq and Iran as a result of the high pressures that have engulfed the region,” said AccuWeather meteorologist Alyssa Smithmyer.

Among the social media responses Unilad noted to the Abadan temperature were:

• “It’s really scary. Under normal conditions, Google says blood boils at just over 212°F.”

• “According to the Persian solar calendar, it is actually the last day of spring. Summer is yet to come!”

• “We’re so fucked up.”


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