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The Islamic Republic of Iran, as it calls itself, is not a republic, but Islamic.

Here are two definitions to get the point across before moving on to a larger point.

A republic is defined by as “a state in which supreme power rests with the body of eligible citizens and is exercised by representatives elected directly or indirectly by them”. The elections in Iran give the religious leaders supreme power, not the people. In previous elections, when there were public demonstrations against the government, “the people†were imprisoned or murdered by the regime.

Radical Islam is a belief system based on interpretations of the Quran by political leaders who seek to impose these beliefs on its citizens and the rest of the world, if necessary by force. At least that’s my definition, based on sermons from hardline mullahs in Iran and elsewhere, along with personal observations on how those beliefs are put into practice.

Obviously, not all Muslims agree on everything, especially when it comes to politics. Neither are Christians or Jews, by the way, but Christians and Jews are not known to want to wipe out nations they dislike or to force their will on others.

The recent elections in Iran, if you may call it that, put the country’s presidency in the hands of Ebrahim Raisi, a man who is even more radical than his predecessor Hassan Rohani. In the case of Iran, it doesn’t seem to matter who the president is as real power rests with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, but the election should send the message to the Biden government that its attempt to re-enter the nuclear deal is out of the Former President Trump withdrew the US is stupid. In the end, such an agreement will not benefit the US, Israel and the world.



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