Co-op in the intl. Forums to neutralize US sanctions “essential”


In a telephone conversation with his Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega on Tuesday, Iranian President Raeisi stressed the need to work together in international forums to thwart the sanctions imposed by the US.

He stated that the coincidence of the Islamic Revolution of Iran with the Nicaraguan Revolution is the basis for strengthening relations between the two nations, saying that the approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy is to develop relations with Latin American countries as well to improve countries in the Caribbean region including Nicaragua.

The common view of the two nations Iran and Nicaragua in view of the overwhelming demands of the USA is a valuable asset for interaction and convergence at the international level in order to defend the national sovereignty of independent countries and nations, stressed the Iranian President.

Close cooperation between the two countries Iran and Nicaragua in international forums is necessary in order to neutralize US sanctions against independent countries and nations, particularly Iran and Nicaragua, added Raeisi.

For his part, the President of Nicaragua said that his country would continue to strengthen and develop relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran with the greatest power.

Today, the United States had openly targeted the Latin American countries, he said, adding that the US government was also targeting the unity and friendship that has developed between two countries, Iran and Nicaragua, so it is very important that that To maintain unity and to strengthen solidarity between the two countries two nations.

Given that the awareness of nations has increased in the world today, the two countries Iran and Nicaragua must strengthen the path of struggle for peace and justice on the international stage, added the Nicaraguan president.

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