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MONTREAL, April 21, 2021 / CNW Telbec / – Desjardins Investments Inc. (“DI”), the manager of the Desjardins Fund, announced today a number of changes to the portfolio management of the Desjardins Global Dividend Fund. These changes, detailed below, include new portfolio sub-manager appointments and updates to investment strategies for the Desjardins Global Dividend Fund. DI regularly reviews the offering of its mutual funds to ensure that they continue to meet the changing investment needs of financial advisors and investors.

Mondrian Investment Partners Limited (“Mondrian”) will become the new portfolio sub-manager of the Desjardins Global Dividend Fund. In addition, DI approved changes to the investment strategies of the relevant fund to better reflect the investment philosophy of its new sub-manager. However, the investment objective of the respective fund remains unchanged. These changes are effective on or at. in force May 25, 2021.

Mondrian was founded in 1990 and is an employee owned investment company with offices in London and Philadelphia. As value investors around the world in both equity and fixed income asset classes, Mondrian’s well-resourced investment team manages assets for over 250 institutional clients.

“The entire Mondrian Investment Partners team is delighted and honored to be able to work with Desjardins Investments. We believe that a disciplined and rigorous fundamental research process, complemented by more than 30 years of stable leadership, is the basis of our success. ” Clive Gillmore, Chief Executive Officer, Group CIO and founding partner at Mondrian. “Dividend yield and future inflation-adjusted dividend increases play a central role in our analysis of investment opportunities around the world. We expect dividends over time to be a significant component of expected total return.”

“Mondrian is a highly respected global investment manager in the institutional community, and Desjardins is proud to begin this new relationship and share its investment skills with private financial advisors and investors Canada, “said Sébastien Vallée, Chief of Operations and General Manager, Investment Solutions Development and Management, DI.

The investment strategy of Desjardins Global Dividend Fund changed to better reflect the new mandate. The main investment strategy includes the following:

  • A value-based dividend discount analysis that isolates value at the stock, sector, and market level.
  • The assessment of the relative global equity valuations is improved by an internal purchasing power parity analysis.
  • Consistent use of a disciplined valuation process with an emphasis on fundamental equity research and company visits.
  • Investments in developed countries around the world with selected exposure to emerging markets.
  • A portfolio of 35 to 50 companies and customers usually rates the strategy using the MSCI World Index.

These changes are made subject to regulatory approval. The manager reserves the right to postpone the implementation of the announced changes or one or more of them to a later date or not to make these changes.

About Mondrian Investment Partners Limited
Mondrian is an employee-owned investment company with offices in London and Philadelphia. They are value investors around the world in both equity and fixed income asset classes. Mondrian was founded in 1990 and has applied a rigorous basic research process that is the foundation of our success. Mondrian’s well-equipped investment team manages the assets of over 250 institutional clients. To learn more, please visit

About Desjardins Investments Inc.
Desjardins Investments Inc., manager of the Desjardins Funds, is one of the Canada largest mutual fund maker with $ 40.5 billion in assets under management. DI offers Canadian investors a wide range of mutual funds and, among other things, sets itself apart in the industry with its world-renowned portfolio managers representing more than 20 asset management companies worldwide. In addition, DI is one of the most committed players in promoting and developing responsible investments in Canada.

About the Desjardins Group
Desjardins Group is the largest cooperative finance group in North America and the fifth largest financial cooperative group in the world with assets of $ 362.0 billion. In 2020 it was approved by. ranked as one of the top 100 employers in the world Forbes Magazine. In order to meet the diverse needs of its members and customers, Desjardins offers through its extensive distribution network, online platforms and subsidiaries throughout Canada. Ranked among the strongest banks in the world The banker Magazine, Desjardins has one of the highest capital ratios and credit ratings in the industry.

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