Erdogan’s rivals restore parliamentary rule if they are victorious in polls


(Bloomberg) – Turkey’s leading opposition parties agreed to strip the executive branch of the presidency and reinstate the parliamentary government if they win the elections in 2023.

It is the latest indication that Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rivals are forming a broad camp to challenge him.

Erdogan has made the presidency the lynchpin of political power since 2018. But his political opponents criticize what they see as a slide into authoritarian one-man rule.

On Monday, leaders of six parties, including the main opposition Republican People’s Party and the IYI party, issued a statement agreeing to abandon the presidential system in the event of victory.

The unified stance suggests Erdogan and his ruling AK Party, which has lost support in recent months amid soaring prices, will face the broadest opposition coalition they have ever faced in general elections slated for June next year .

The parties vowed to restore powers in the legislature created by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, in 1920 as part of a secular and Western-leaning revolution that replaced the theocratic Ottoman Empire.

Below are the highlights of the statement:

  • A prime minister is appointed from among the legislatures
  • The president will be limited to a 7-year term instead of the current two 5-year terms and must break away from partisan politics
  • The President’s power to regulate fundamental rights and freedoms and to impose emergency laws will end
  • The President’s veto power over bills passed by Parliament will be restricted

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