Former Michigan governor hopes gas doesn’t hit $ 4 a gallon



Michigan gasoline prices rose from $ 3.03 per gallon to $ 3.47 per gallon this weekend. About a a year ago a gallon of gasoline was $ 2.16. Today you’re paying $ 1.31, or 61% more per gallon.

Do you miss President Trump yet?

President Trump was the first President to lead the United States towards energy independence. Within months, Joe Biden and the Democrats destroyed that and made us energy dependent on Russia and OPEC.

In fact, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm was on duty CNN’s “State of the Union” last Sunday with Dana Bash and they had quite an interesting discussion. This is how it went:

Dana Bash: “Could the average gasoline price in America be $ 4 a gallon anytime soon?”

Jennifer Granholm: “Well, of course we hope not … The President is all over it. Of course, every president is frustrated because he cannot control the price of gas because it is a global market. You can request an increased supply of what he did. “

You’re wrong, Jennifer, President Trump never asked Russia or OPEC to increase their oil production in order to lower gas prices in America. Why? Because he allowed private industry here in America to do it safely, and that’s what brought us to energy independence.

As the secretary of the Ministry of Energy, you didn’t know that?

Jennifer continued:

“And unfortunately, OPEC is controlling the oil price agenda. OPEC is a cartel and controls over 50 percent of the gasoline supply. “

They control oil prices because Joe Biden and the Democrats gave them that control. You didn’t fully control it when President Trump was in office.

Jennifer then explained that Biden was trying to get oil from the US strategic oil reserve. Even politics knowing this will not work, they wrote: “The development of the strategic oil reserve is a move that is normally reserved for supply disruptions and is unlikely to have a major impact on the prices consumers pay at the pump.”

It gets better. Jennifer explained that this could be a cold winter for many American families and:

“This year it will be more expensive than last year.”

The good news keeps coming back with this government and the Democrats in charge.



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