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Meeting with members of Iran’s parliament on Wednesday in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the difficulties and complexities of managing countries in the current insidious circumstances in the international arena.

Among the factors that have aggravated conditions around the world, the chairman cited the hostile rivalries between world powers, the threats that the nuclear powers pose against each other, the growing military moves and threats, the war that has broken out in Europe, an unprecedented outbreak of a pandemic and threats to global food security.

“In addition to the conditions that exist in all countries, Iran is in constant challenge with world powers in various dimensions because it has presented a new model, namely religious democracy, and has messed up the timetable set by the hegemonic system,” stated Ayatollah Khamenei .

The Chairman stressed the Islamic Republic’s struggle against all hostilities and its stride towards development and success, reminding the legislators, administration and judiciary of the great and important leadership role they play and urging them to take their positions to be vigilant.

The leader also urged Iranian officials to properly identify both capabilities and vulnerabilities and be careful not to make a mistake “because the enemy placed their hopes in our mistakes instead of hoping in their own capabilities.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also made it clear to lawmakers that the way to weather the difficult conditions and achieve victory and success is to act in a jihadist manner, show strong determination and self-sacrifice, develop initiatives, have a long-term perspective and above all rely on Almighty God.


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