“Hell Of Evil”: Affordable Housing in East San Jose Got Mold, Drugs, Renters Say


I have to say I was shocked to read that college dormitories were being used as a model for affordable housing, I’ve never heard that before, but the ambiguous wording of living space versus spaces versus units certainly immediately raised some flags. In every market I’ve lived or worked in, private housing has shattered dormitory living in terms of affordability. Additionally, private dorms are significantly better than dorms in areas conducive to quiet study, so much so that it’s ridiculous since chaos and lawlessness are just one factor. I never understood why anyone lived in the dormitories other than their parents’ willingness to overpay for the delusion that their children were being supervised.

But I’ll rate it fairly.

The first breakdown of the brochure immediately reveals some problems.

The specified rents refer to 10 months.
The stated rental prices are based on double occupancy.
The listed rents do not qualify how many units or other residents share the area.

I’m sure this table will be poorly formatted as soon as I post this, but I can point out the best scenario and compare it to a number of local private offers.

10 months all year round “living room” “total double room rent”
CVA $ 12,237 $ 14,684 $ 1,224 $ 2,447
CVB $ 11,836 $ 14,203 $ 1,184 $ 2,367
CVC $ 11,811 $ 14,173 $ 1,181 $ 2,362
CV2 $ 12,515 $ 15,018 $ 1,252 $ 2,503
Bricks $ 9,333 $ 11,200 $ 933 $ 1,867
West $ 9,333 $ 11,200 $ 933 $ 1,867
I-Home $ 11,020 $ 13,224 $ 1,102 $ 2,204

The Bricks at Washburn Hall, which is at least 50 years old, has two students occupying a 12 ‘* 15’ room. Toilets (and showers) are shared in the hallway with 2 toilets per floor; 1 male and 1 female. So you don’t share the bathrooms with 2-3 other tenants, but the entire floor. SJSU actually has the nerve to offer the room triple occupancy.

A double occupied room with the lowest cost alternative at the SJSU costs 1,867 US dollars per month in rent.

House in San Jose, built in 2006. “Hello, we have two bedrooms in a 3b / 2.5b 2006 house to rent. Both bedrooms are on the second floor, unfurnished, with a shared bathroom. The two rooms can be rented individually for USD 950 each or together for a total of USD 1550. The master bedroom is currently rented to a male googler (software engineer) who works from home and is very calm and carefree. The house is close to the SJSU, with easy access to # 280 and # 101. “

So a much newer, more private room near campus costs about half the rent of the old dorm with a bathroom that shares the entire floor. If you can find another tenant for the landlord, you can cut that down to $ 775 per month.

I can easily find rooms in San Jose for $ 150 a week. “Near 101 and Tully .. Washer-dryer .. Internet WiFi”

Room near San Jose for $ 450 a month. “Room for rent near SJSU downtown San Jose, Spartan Stadium 95112, sharing kitchen and bathroom, deposit for one month, looking for at least 6 months of stay, clean, responsible and respectful of the room and property of others. No loud or party people, no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol, no pets, no animals “

“Space to rent. $ 550 per month. Close to the Great Mall in Milpitas. We are located near 680 and Hostetter in northern San Jose. Beautiful 5 bedroom 2500 square foot home and very nice room on the ground floor. Room.” Measures 10 × 10. Air conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, internet, cable TV and furnished if required. Private shower.

There are hundreds of them that appear monthly.

SJSU is nowhere near affordable compared to private offerings.

Further analysis will show that the brochure numbers are raisins picked. Prices for single occupancy are higher and considering 3 rooms in a unit with double occupancy, compared to what you would find on the market, SJSU is a lot more expensive.

CVB has 3 bedroom units that fill them with double occupancy. Using the above figure, a six-tenant CVB three-bedroom unit costs $ 7,102 per month.

The Terman, 4230 Terman Dr, in Palo Alto …

yes the Palo Alto

… has a three bedroom with the first two months available for free today for $ 4010

Unit 104 $ 4,010 979 sqft

Or about 44% less than SJSU “Affordable Housing”

Palo Alto privately owned, privately operated apartments cost 56% of the cost of an SJSU dormitory.

Come on now.


The government can’t do better than the market. Not SJSU dorms, not Cabrini-Green, not Pruitt-Igoe, not NYCHA. None of that. Not nearly. The government is full of incompetent, unmotivated, corrupt people who have no reason to maintain a building because they are all losing money, and that loss is growing every year. Maybe not in Austria, maybe not in Sweden, but certainly in California and every other Blue State. Stop dreaming about free stuff given out by public sector unions, stop dreaming about reclaiming stolen land, stop dreaming about Thomas Paine nonsense.

Move to a city you can own. Your house, your garden. You can put panels on the roof, you can grow food in a garden, maybe chickens. You can own your life and the fruits of your labor. While you are giving away your life force to your landlord free of charge every month, you dream of stealing the fruits of their labor from other people.

Can there be a lower form of life than this?

The frontier is full of people who would risk their lives and their children’s lives to get a chance at the American Dream and you waste your life dreaming for the perfect solution and the government is extorting free stuff and wasting a lot Time to streamline it nonsense like this.



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