How did RM2.5 million surface, Rafizi asked again as the Invoke Asset saga continues


PKR’s Rafizi Ramli is now being questioned about the origin of around RM2.5 million, which he says was channeled to Invoke Solutions, the non-profit party-affiliated company, under which he declared around RM17 million worth of shares as his own.

dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad of Bersatu said the PKR leader’s statement that he invested RM2.5 million from his own savings in Invoke in 2016 was confusing as there was no such money in his possession when he did a year earlier declared his wealth.

Rafizi previously said that alongside what he earned he also received around RM400,000 in compensation from Petronas and earned lucratively in pounds sterling while working in the UK.

Checks on his 2015 asset statement revealed none of these were included.

This asset statement showed that he had about RM1.3 million in deposits in various accounts including about RM644,000 in the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), RM460,000 in Tabung Haji and RM212,000 in Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB).

His latest asset statement, meanwhile, showed his cash deposits at RM1.18 million, including an increase in his EPF to RM1.1 million and a decrease in Tabung Haji to RM12,000, while the amount for ASB was no longer listed.

Latiff asked how Rafizi got 2.5 million RM since the money wasn’t there in 2015.

“Where did this money come from and why was it not stated in the affidavit dated March 10, 2015?

“Rafizi often brags about being a certified accountant. Let me tell him here, ‘Rafizi, the numbers don’t add up,'” Latiff said in a statement.

This comes just days after Rafizi angrily dismissed questions about his wealth declaration, which has seen his wealth multiply multiple times in just seven years.

On November 9, Rafizi, angered by questions thrown at him during a press conference, lashed out at his critics, accusing them of not understanding finance and how a company works.

He also mocked a MalaysiaNow journalist for asking for clarification on his fortune, claiming that those present would not understand his explanation.

“I don’t think most of you guys understand either,” he said in remarks that later drew criticism on social media, with many saying he was “arrogant.”

Rafizi, the PKR vice president who is vying for the Pandan seat in the Nov. 19 election, came under scrutiny after his wealth statement in which he spent RM16.7 million in shares of Invoke as part of a total of 19, Owned 67 million RM listed assets.

Latiff had confronted Rafizi for listing RM16.7 million worth of shares as his own, reminding him that despite a promise he made five years ago, none of Invoke’s employees were allotted shares were. Rafizi later admitted his employees were not allocated the shares and promised they would be rewarded once the company went public.

Latiff said today that Rafizi’s answers only led to more serious questions.

He called for the PKR leader to be investigated under the Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Proceeds of Illicit Activity Act 2001 and the Statutory Declaration Act 1960.

“I urge the authorities to take this matter seriously as Invoke has sought and received a great deal of support from the public, including in the form of funds,” he added.


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