Intelligence chief: Britain will pay the price for instigating riots in Iran


TEHRAN – Iran’s Intelligence Minister Esmaeil Khatib has issued a harsh warning to the British government, saying Britain will pay a price for its actions by fomenting unrest in Iran.

Speaking to, the intelligence minister stressed that “England will pay for the measures it has taken to make Iran unsafe and that the Iran International network will be recognized as a terrorist organization by Iran and its agents and partners be prosecuted.”

Headquartered in the UK, Iran International is funded by Saudi Arabia.

The United States, England, the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia have undoubtedly conducted the Iranian nation’s largest “operation to influence” to destabilize the Islamic Republic and incite sedition, he said.

He added: “In its implementation, the role of the Zionist regime was more obvious. In terms of propaganda, England’s role was clearer. In terms of spending, Saudi Arabia’s role was obvious. All financial support in the areas of propaganda, preparations, rental of film equipment, provision of facilities for journalists and distribution of food, etc. for this degenerate show in Berlin was provided by Saudi Arabia.”

The minister was referring to the protest rally by expatriate Iranians in the German capital on October 23.

“Unlike England, we will never support terrorist attacks and the creation of insecurity in other countries. But neither are we obliged to prevent insecurity in these countries. Therefore, Britain will pay for the measures it has taken to make Iran insecure,” the intelligence minister warned.

He added: “Iran International’s network is recognized as a terrorist organization by the Iranian Security Agency and its agents are being prosecuted by the Ministry of Intelligence. And henceforth, any association with this terrorist organization will be considered tantamount to entering the realm of terrorism and a threat to national security.”


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