Iran-backed militias wound four American soldiers


IMilitias backed by the fugitive attacked a US-led coalition base in eastern Syria on the morning of April 7, injuring four US soldiers. Two indirect fire munitions hit Green Village Base near Syria’s largest oil field. It is not currently known whether the militia used rockets or mortars in the attack. All four soldiers sustained minor injuries, but medical staff kept at least one under surveillance for possible brain trauma.

Local sources told Reuters Iran-backed militias launched several missiles, but few reached the base. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based organization monitoring Syria, reported that the rockets were fired west of the Euphrates. Iran-backed militias have a strong presence in the area.

The next day, before dawn, American air defenses shot down an unidentified drone. The drone hovered near America’s al-Asad Air Base in Iraq, which is over 130 miles east of Green Village Base. The US command reported no injuries.

For decades the Trumpet has identified Iran as the king of radical Islamic terror in the Middle East. “Make no mistake: Iran is the head of the snake” Trumpet explained Editor-in-Chief Gerald Flurry in 2001. Ultimately, Iran bears responsibility for these attacks on the United States. These Shia militias are nothing more than Iran’s proxy puppets.

transcript In an October 2017 hearing before the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Terrorism, this fact was revealed: “Iran can pursue its goals while avoiding kinetic consequences, enjoy plausible denial while using its proxies, undermine regional rivals and discouraging them from taking action could trigger a possible backlash from proxy groups.”

Why is Iran stepping up its terrorist activities now? With nuclear talks stalled, shouldn’t Iran be trying to betray America? Slapping the other party on the nose seems counterproductive to reaching an agreement.

Iran is becoming more aggressive precisely because negotiations have stalled.

Everyone can see that the Biden administration is desperate to revive Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal. Because of this, Iran knows it has tremendous bargaining power. All it has to do is keep increasing the pressure, demanding more, and watching America indulge its every whim.

Along with the recent increase in terrorist attacks in the Middle East, Iran is now demanding legal guarantees that the US will not back out of a new deal. The Iranian foreign minister demanded that Congress must also approve these guarantees. Also, Joe Biden must immediately start lifting the sanctions via executive order. This is intended to show Biden’s goodwill towards a nuclear deal. “In response to American weakness, Iran scornfully upped the ante at the Vienna talks, to which the Biden administration cowardly offered ever more concessions,” wrote British journalist Melanie Phillips. Biden’s willingness to pay any price for a deal was so appalling that three of Biden’s negotiators in Vienna resigned in protest earlier this year.

What we’re seeing is the geopolitical version of a kid throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. The child knows that the louder and more disruptive their tantrums, the more likely their parents will agree to force them to stop.

Of course, Iran is no small child, but a renegade, terrorist-supporting state on the brink of nuclear weapons. And giving in to Iran’s demands will not stop him. Unlike a young child, Iran is not driven by pure emotion. As author Joel Rosenberg wrote in his book enemies and allies, Iran is run by “apocalyptic Islamists”. With nuclear weapons, she wants to “seek to annihilate the State of Israel, neutralize the United States, decimate Christendom, and hasten the establishment of her global Islamic kingdom and the coming of her savior, the Mahdi.”

Iran’s proliferation and support of radical terrorism has never been a secret. America was aware of the nature of the Islamic Revolution when it toppled the pro-Western Shah in the late 1970s. Phillips wrote that “the Iranian regime has been at war with the West since it came to power.” Mr. Flurry wrote in his free pamphlet The King of the South that in 1994 “then Secretary of State Warren Christopher described Iran as ‘the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism.'”

So why hasn’t America or Israel put an end to Iran’s reign of terror? Because our nations lack the will to do so. When America declared war on terrorism and invaded Iraq, it stopped at the Iranian border and went no further. While Israel regularly conducts air strikes on Iranian targets, it is unwilling to go further. Worse, Biden appears determined to bolster “the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism.”

For over three decades, the Trumpet has warned of Iran’s rise as the nuclear-armed leader of the terrorist snake. Events prove how accurate these warnings were. How could we make such an accurate prediction? We base it on a prophecy in Daniel 11:40, which reads: “And at the time of the end the king of the south will come against him, and the king of the north will come against him like a hurricane with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and it shall go into the lands, and shall overflow, and pass over.”

Who could be the king of the south in these end times if not radical Islam led by Iran? “Iran is extremely radical – the king over radical Islam,” writes Mr. Flurry. “Where does this nation’s pushiness lead? In the war! Just like in the past. It leads to a terrible war with weapons of mass destruction. It can’t lead anywhere else. A basic understanding of human nature and history should tell us that. All the wishful thinking in the world can’t stop this catastrophe – just like the pacifist dreamers of the 1930s couldn’t stop Adolf Hitler!”

But who is this king of the north? Mr. Flurry explains that a German-led Europe will be this prophesied king of the north. We see both sides preparing for this prophesied clash. While Iran stands on the brink of nuclear weapons, Europe rallies around Germany. And Germany is rapidly remilitarizing under the pretext of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

This impending clash will be the spark that ignites nuclear world war iii. But the good news is that God will not allow humanity to erase itself from the face of the earth. Instead world war iii will end with the second coming of Jesus Christ. He will intervene to save mankind from itself, as many scriptures prophesy.

To learn more about these prophecies, request a free copy of The King of the South.


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