Iran executes people with “alarming speed”, says the UNO newspaper


UNITED NATIONS: Iran executed over 250 people in 2020, including at least four child offenders, and so far this year it has carried out 230 executions, including nine women and one secretly executed child, the independent UN human rights investigator in Iran said on Monday.

Javaid Rehman told the UN General Assembly Human Rights Committee that Iran is continuing to impose the death penalty at an alarming rate.

Rehman is a Pakistan born professor of human rights and Islamic law at Brunel University in London.

According to Amnesty International, Iran was the leading executioner in the Middle East last year, accounting for more than half of the 493 executions in the region, followed by Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Amnesty’s annual figures exclude China, where the number of executions runs into the thousands and is a state secret.

Rehman said his latest report raised serious concerns about the grounds Iran uses to impose the death penalty, such as vague national security allegations. Iran also has deeply flawed legal processes that lack even the most basic security precautions, he said.

“These elements, and the courts’ strong reliance on forced confessions obtained through torture and other fair trial violations, lead me to conclude that the death penalty in the Islamic Republic of Iran is an arbitrary deprivation of life,” said Rehman.

Posted in Dawn, October 27, 2021


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