Iran has become too strong that no power can attack: General Safavi


“Our security and defense are the result of the power our country has gained, so that military threats and aggression against us are not in sight,” General Yahya Rahim Safavi, a senior military advisor to the leader of the Islamic Revolution, said on the sidelines on Wednesday speaking to reporters at a ceremony in Tehran.

However, the top military adviser added that the Iranian armed forces must always be prepared and should not underestimate the supraregional enemies as incapable of surprise Iran.

“Just because Iran is the first influential power in the equations of the West Asian region, our defense power in this region is a great and influential force in the equations of security defense,” added the general.

“Both our nation and our armed forces have become so powerful that none of the supraregional powers such as the United States, etc., have also underlined.

Meanwhile, General Rahim Safavi noted that “the situation in Iran is different from that in Afghanistan and Iraq”.

Today we have gained so much power in the maritime field that our strategic navy can cross the Atlantic to reach the Russian port of St. Petersburg while the United States had told West African countries not to provide ports or even medical services to the Iranian fleet said the Iranian general. “This successful maneuver was unimaginable for the Americans,” said Rahim Safavi.

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