Iran needs a sanctions-proof economy, the US could tear up the deal again


An American political scientist says Iran can create more jobs for its people and improve its competitive position in the world market by focusing on a “sanctions-proof economy”.

Kevin Barrett, an American author, journalist and radio host, in an interview with Press TV, did not rule out the possibility that the Americans could tear up the 2015 nuclear deal again, despite the marathon effort in Vienna to save the deal that the US gave up in 2018.

“The leader is right,” Barrett said, referring to the recent speech by the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. “Why would the Iranian leaders believe that the US will not tear up the JCPOA again if the political or strategic situation demands it?”

The US-based analyst described what he called a “sanctions-proof economy” as a “stronger economy,” the US-based analyst said by focusing on domestic manufacturing and reducing reliance on imports, Iran could Creating jobs for its people and improving its competitive position in Iran’s global market, which is “increasingly moving out of dollar trading and the US-controlled SWIFT system,” he said.

“The motto expresses the leader’s intent to inspire Iranians to increase domestic production and further reduce dependence on imports,” Barrett said.

“The resistance economy, focused on domestic manufacturing, has managed to preserve Iran’s sovereignty. The leader’s emphasis on developing knowledge relates to the need for STEM education to produce the scientists and engineers needed to increase domestic manufacturing and related jobs,” he hastily added.

He said the leader of the Islamic Revolution had pointed to “the rise of China as an independent power capable of challenging US hegemony, and now Russia’s direct challenge to American unipolar hegemony in Ukraine.”

“The US sanctions against Russia and the threat of increased sanctions against China and other countries that refuse to join the US war on Russia will push more and more people around the world out of the SWIFT system, which means that Iran will benefit from its lead in achieving true independence,” Barrett noted.

Noting Republican opposition to the nuclear deal and the likelihood that Republicans would return to power this fall in the US Congress and in the White House in 2024, he said there was “nothing” to stop them from doing that to do what Trump did in May 2018 – breach of contract.

“The US, as Russian President (Vladimir) Putin famously said, rules the ‘realm of lies’ and is ‘non-derogable,'” Barrett said, adding that “nothing Americans say or sign can ever be trusted.” ” .

“The solemn US pledge not to expand NATO an inch eastward was broken shortly after it was made. The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) prohibitions did not prevent the US from developing COVID-19 and then releasing it, most likely in a biological attack on the economies of China and Iran. These and other examples of American perfidy show that Iran must be prepared for the consequences if the US again decides to tear up the deal they signed,” he added.


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