Iran should not be a market for a country bowing to US pressure: MP


TEHERAN – The chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Industry and Mining Committee has said that Iran should not be a South Korean-made home appliance market that is bowing to US pressure by refusing to release Iranian assets.

South Korea, which has filled the Iranian market with its goods, especially home appliances, has refused to thaw $ 7 billion of Iranian oil revenues since the US imposed illegal sanctions on Iran.

“Seoul’s justification for seizing Iranian assets under US sanctions is unacceptable because the United States is not allowed to impose its national laws on the international trading system,” Ezatullah Akbari Talarpashti said in an interview with IRNA on Sunday.

The MP said the Islamic Republic should take the necessary measures to prevent Korean goods from being imported into the country.

Regarding a parliamentary plan to reform the car market, the MEP said: “Car imports can only lead to market regulation if they are well managed. not reached.”

Recently, Parliament passed a law that allows cars to be imported under certain circumstances.

The chairman of the parliamentary committee said that the aim of the administration and parliament is to defend the rights of the people.

“Parliament and the administration should be careful with this issue and it cannot be done in a rush,” he said.

Akbari Talarpashti stated that safeguarding national interests is the goal of all projects related to exports and imports, adding:

Exports in connection with exports and imports are only successful if they do not violate the law, he stressed.

The leader of the Islamic Revolution backed a call by local manufacturers on Thursday to ban the importation of home appliances from two South Korean companies – LG and Samsung – into Iran.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s order came after a number of local reports of home appliance approval by South Korean companies emerged and the guide’s help in this regard was sought.

The demand comes because the leader of the Islamic Revolution in recent years has insisted on the importance of local production and prohibits the importation of goods of its kind made at home.

The leader supported the local manufacturers’ request and wrote a letter to President Ebrahim Raisi asking if the report on the imports of the two Korean companies was true, “that is, home appliance manufacturers who were new to it To break the backbone “to a certain extent on my own two feet.”

“Stop the emergence of this problem,” Ayatollah Khamenei insisted in the letter.

Following the letter, the President ordered the Minister of Commerce and Industry to prevent the two companies from importing household appliances.

Reports of imports from South Korea are coming as Seoul has frozen approximately $ 7 billion of Iranian assets in recent years in response to illegal requests from the United States.

In addition, Samsung and LG left Iran when illegal sanctions were imposed on Iran, leaving a bad memory of themselves on Iranian citizens.

Before the leader’s order, some people and officials in the country said that companies that have left Iran alone in difficult days will not be allowed to return to the country even if the sanctions are lifted.

In the first sanctions before the 2015 nuclear deal – JCPOA – LG and Samsung did not leave Iran.

The East Asian country will feel strongly about the ban on the two South Korean companies from the 85 million Iran market.

MP urges government to create a competitive atmosphere for the auto industry

Comparing the home appliance and auto market, MP Akbari Talarpashti said that the fact that auto production in the country is in the hands of the government is itself one of the barriers to production as state ownership increases costs and decreases efficiency.

“But this is not the case with home appliance manufacturing, and with the privatization of the country’s home appliance industry, there is hope for the development and prosperity of this industry, and the export of products in this area can be given even greater support.” Field in neighboring countries and other markets. “

The MP ruled out that home appliances are expensive due to the progress of these industries in the country.

It is to be hoped that the administration will allow the private sector to take the driver’s seat in the auto industry as in the manufacture of household appliances, noted the MP.

The administration’s job is to support and ensure the production of high quality goods in a “competitive environment”, he added.

Akbari Talarpashti called on the Raisi government not to continue the previous plans in car construction. “The revolutionary government should act with an open mind to privatize the auto industry because in a competitive environment with private management, our country can produce high-quality cars that are competitive in its domestic, regional and global markets,” he said.

He said Iran’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a great opportunity for all Iranian industries to find markets for their products in the organization’s member states, he suggested.

Stressing the need to pay attention to the private sector, the senior MP said, “State-owned industries depend on cheap loans, state budgets and facilities, and the Raisi government needs to take industry out of this situation and leave it to the private sector and incentivize in.” – and offer foreign investors and entrepreneurs. “


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