Iranian dissidents seek Bennett’s support for democracy and counterterrorism



A group of Iranian dissidents based outside the Islamic Republic of Iran published a congratulatory letter to Naftali Bennett on Thursday asking him to also support Iranian democracy and continue Israel’s campaign to end the terrorism of the Iranian regime.

The opponents of the theocratic state in Iran wrote: “For more than four decades, the threat to the existence of the State of Israel and the hatred of the Jewish people have been an integral part of the rule of the Islamic Republic. In addition to promoting international terrorism, the regime has created nothing but poverty, economic bankruptcy, oppression and myriad social problems for the Iranian people. “

The letter went on to say that “Iranians, especially in recent years, have taken to the streets several times and boldly protested against the Islamic Republic – protests that have been repressed in the most ruthless manner. For these reasons, both prosperity and the democratic future of the Iranians as well as the security of the Israeli citizens and the Jewish people the overthrow of this ideological and medieval regime that is about to acquire an atomic bomb.

The group called on Bennett to “continue the correct policy of your nation in recent years to weaken the terrorist forces of this regime, particularly the IRGC”. [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps], with heightened determination. The regime that Iranian protesters are massacred in the streets of our country is the head of the octopus, whose tentacles are the terrorists who are spreading insecurity to the state of Israel and other nations in our region. “

The undersigned wrote: “To do this, we ask you to give resolute and full support to the protests of the diverse but united groups of the Iranian people who are fighting valiantly to determine their own fate through a democratic government that will restore peaceful relations. “With its neighbors and the international community. We also ask you to support the Iranian people with anti-filter and anti-censorship technology. “

The letter ended with a call for diplomatic relations between a post-Islamic republic within the Iranian government and Israel under the title Cyrus Accords, a phrase coined by Victoria Coates and Len Chodorkovsky in a February Jerusalem Post opinion piece.

“The Iranian people have consistently and clearly spoken out against the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic policies of the regime. We believe that a democratic Iran, supported by its rich culture and history, will be a strategic ally of Israel and a productive member of the international community in establishing peace and stability, particularly in the Middle East. We await the day when the two ancient nations of Iran and Israel will forge serious political, cultural, economic and technological ties under the auspices of the Cyrus Agreement, and we believe that day is closer than ever, â€the signatories wrote.

Prominent Iranians in the diaspora signed the letter, including Saba Farzan, Iranian-German journalist, Cameron Khansarinia, Policy Director of the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) in the USA, Maryam Memarsadeghi, Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Majid Mohamadi , Retired faculty member, author, Iran analyst, and Fred Saberi, Iranian-Swedish political analyst on Middle East affairs.



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