Iranian hackers ‘troll’ Israel over Mossad boss hack


The recent leaks are more of an “influence operation” than a true cyber offensive

A group of suspected Iranian hackers used Twitter and Telegram to mock Israel’s Mossad boss, saying they hacked his wife’s phone and leaked the materials online.

While Israel has denied claims of the cyber attack, experts said hairnet that the group is “trolling” the state, with a post that reads, “Are you sure the leak is just from your wife’s ‘OLD PHONE’?”

Last week, the hackers appeared to have released materials stolen from a phone belonging to Mossad chief David Barnea’s wife.

As far as is known, Barnea’s phone and personal devices were not hacked.

The leak, which included a 2020 payslip allegedly belonging to the Mossad boss, was intended to counter Israel’s claim that the hack was on an old device.

“They said the material is not new; wait for the next episode to find out if we’re in the loop or not!” the hackers wrote last Thursday, hairnet reported.

Days later, the group posted, “Mr. Bernea, they send your NEW documents to your wife’s OLD phone???”

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Israel believes the hack was revenge for an airstrike in Iran last month that destroyed hundreds of drones.

Last week, seen by some as the largest cyberattack ever carried out against Israel, resulted in several government websites being shut down in what is also seen as revenge for the airstrike.

Cyber ​​experts told hairnet that the recent leaks are more of an “influence operation” than a true cyber offensive.

They noted that the group is likely the latest branch of a hacking group called Moses Staff, first uncovered in October 2021 and working to “harm Israeli businesses by leaking sensitive, stolen data.”


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