Iranian official criticizes 4,000 senior colleagues whose families live abroad


An Iranian official criticized the high number of “senior officials” whose relatives live abroad and confirmed that over 4,000 sons and daughters have left Iran.

Mohammad Saleh Hashemi Golpayegani, the secretary of Iran’s Headquarters for the Admonition of Justice and the Prohibition of Evil, who is tasked with promoting the clerical regime’s interpretation of Islamic laws, said on Saturday that unfortunately there are no laws that exist prohibit those whose family members live abroad from holding government offices.

He chided those officials who continue trying to provide dollars and euros for their children living abroad while proclaiming the country’s independence.

Hashemi added that some measures on this issue are under consideration in Parliament.

Earlier this year, General Morteza Mirian, commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards ground operations, said the relatives of these officials should be “persecuted”. not allowed to return to Iran to take up leadership positions there.

Mohammad Gharazi, Minister of Communications between 1985 and 1997, who was then considered a presidential candidate, cited 5,000 “descendants” of senior officials living abroad in 2020. In November 2021, Alireza Salimi, an MP, suggested that former President Hassan Rouhani’s officials, including deputy ministers, had moved to Europe fearing a travel ban.

2019 Brian Hook, Special Representative for Iran (from 2018 to 2020) under President Donald Trump Iran International said so “Children of Islamic Republic officials lead rich and comfortable lives in the United States and other countries, while the Iranian people live in appalling conditions.” Hook said this showed “the hypocrisy of the regime.”


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