Iranian policemen use dog bars to arrest a woman for having “unveiled” her



Shocking moment Iranian “moral policemen” use a dog catcher bar to drag a woman into a police car “because she is not wearing a veil”.

  • A video has surfaced showing a woman in Tehran being forcibly arrested by the police
  • The officers appear to be using a dog bar to bundle the woman into a van
  • The police chief said the woman had been arrested on charges of “insult and aggressiveness”.
  • But activist Masih Alinejad said she was actually arrested for being exposed

This is the moment a woman was forcibly arrested in Iran using what appeared to be a dog catcher for not wearing a headscarf.

The video of the arrest, posted online last week, shows the woman being dragged by her hair through the streets of Tehran while she appears to be caught by the fishing rod before being bundled into a “moral police” van.

Masih Alinejad, a prominent Iranian suffragette who uploaded the footage, said the woman was arrested for not wearing a head covering – a duty for women in the Islamic Republic.

She fired Tehran’s deputy chief of police, Colonel Morad Moradi, who said the woman had actually been arrested for “insult and aggressiveness”.

The Iranian police in Tehran were filmed while forcibly arresting a woman with what appeared to be a dog trap (circled above).

“Unveiled Women” [are accused] prostitution or creating moral corruption, “she said. ‘[Police] are concerned about how these videos generate negative reactions. ‘

The footage, which was shot at an unknown location in Tehran, shows the woman – with her head exposed – as she is dragged into the side of a delivery truck by security officers.

A completely veiled officer grabs the woman by the hair, while another holds her arm and a third pulls her with what appears to be a dog sling.

The woman is then squeezed into the van, banging her head against the roof before the door is closed and the vehicle drives away.

Moradi told the semi-official ISNA news agency the woman was “aggressive” with officials before she was arrested, and said further charges had been brought by a local shopkeeper but refused to provide details.

He also declined to say whether the woman was injured in the arrest, but promised to examine the footage.

Ms. Alinejad also denied these allegations, suggesting that it is a “big lie” that officials are held accountable for excessive use of force.

“The last time the moral police brutally beat women, the police had the same reaction,” she said.

“But once the atmosphere calmed down, the woman who filmed it was prosecuted.”

Arrest in Tehran

Arrest in Tehran

The Tehran Deputy Police Chief confirmed the arrest after the footage went viral and said the woman was “abusive and aggressive” while she was being taken away

The Iranian “moral police” was founded after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and had the task of imposing strict social regulations on the country’s civilians.

Their precise duties and powers have changed over the years, although they are mostly used to enforce codes of dress and conduct that violate the Islamic Republic’s interpretation of Islam.

They are often tasked with enforcing laws that require women to wear headscarves in public – a rule that has met with backlash in recent years.

Ms. Alinejad was a prominent voice in a campaign called White Wednesday that encourages women to take off their headscarves in public.

In 2019, Iran brought 2,000 more moral officers to the streets to tackle the campaign.

While women were often employed as moral officers, there were rare all-female squads among the new recruits.



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