Iran’s military chief visits Dushanbe


TEHRAN — Iranian Armed Forces chief Mohammad Bagheri visited Dushanbe, Tajikistan on Monday, leading a high-level military delegation.

His visit aims to promote defense and military cooperation between Iran and the Republic of Tajikistan.

Major General Mohammad Bagheri and his senior military delegation were welcomed by Major General Imam Ali Saberzadeh, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and First Deputy Defense Minister of Tajikistan, and other senior Tajik military officials.

Upon arrival, Bagheri said strengthening military and defense cooperation between the two countries is the main goal of the visit.

Gen Bagheri added Iran and Tajikistan are in an important “geopolitical region” so “events and incidents” in each of these two countries would affect the other.

Referring to the Iranian government’s policy of developing ties with neighbors, Gen. Bagheri said, “In line with improving security and tranquility in the two countries, we will have bilateral meetings with military and political officials during the trip. “

Bagheri is reportedly scheduled to meet with the President of Tajikistan and visit the military and scientific centers of the country’s armed forces during his stay in Dushanbe.


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