Iran’s newest warship fell on its side in a dry dock



The meaning of Kharg to the Iranian Navy had led to speculation that the ship may have been sabotaged by Israel. Iran has suffered a number of strange fires, including some in port facilities, as well as explosions at various key locations in the country, for example in connection with the country’s controversial nuclear program, in recent years. Israel, or agents acting on its behalf, reportedly carried out at least some of these attacks, possibly in coordination with the United States. Since at least 2019, Israel and Iran have also been waging a shadow war against each other’s merchant and military ships.

Just this weekend there were new reports about an explosion near the Iranian Natanz Nuclear facility that authorities alleged was linked to an exercise in which an unmanned aircraft was shot down. Regardless, under strange circumstances, one of the Iranian counterfeit US stealth drone RQ-170 crashed in the country, as you can read more here.

However, there is no evidence of what to do with Talayieh related to or more than an accident. It remains to be seen what, if anything, the regime in Iran will say about the incident.

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