Iran’s President Raisi. calls for “Arrest the Butcher”


Victims of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ebrahim Raisi are calling on UK authorities to arrest the second leader of theocratic state if he is attending a climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, which starts in late October and runs through November 12.

“[First Minister] Nicola Stör and [Prime Minister] Boris Johnson has a duty to act if he truly believes in human rights, “Ahmad Ebrahimi told the Daily Record, who, according to the newspaper,” was confronted with the despot during his 10 years as a political prisoner when he was placed in the notorious Ward 209 of the Tehran Evin detention center physically and mentally tortured. “

The US government sanctioned Raisi for his role in the 1988 massacre of over 5,000 innocent Iranian political prisoners and his crackdown on peaceful protesters in 2019, which, according to Reuters, led to the mass murder of around 1,500 Iranians.

Will Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi lead the military uranium outbreak? (Credit: REUTERS)

The Glasgow-based Daily Record reported that “the new hardline leader … wants to do the UN climate summit” [COP26] his first international trip. “

The newspaper added that Raisi “personally whipped prisoners with electric cables while ordering hundreds to be shot, thrown from cliffs and publicly hung from cranes.”

The Sunday Mail headlined in its October 10 newspaper, “Arrest the butcher. Request of the torture victim as an Iranian tyrant enters the climate summit. “

Ebrahami, 60, who fled the Islamic Republic to the UK in 1999, said Raisi has “the blood of thousands of innocent people on his hands and I beg the people, government and police in Scotland and the UK not to allow this.” “. him to attend COP26 and arrest him immediately instead, should he arrive in Scotland. “

The principle of justice invoked by the Iranian dissidents is called “universal jurisdiction” and does not limit the prosecution of a defendant to the confines of the crime scene.

Hamid Nouri, a former Iranian regime official who was accused of mass murder during the 1988 massacre, is currently on trial in Stockholm, Sweden, on the principle of “universal jurisdiction”.

According to Ebrahami’s wife, Farzaneh Majidi, “Five of my close relatives have died. I think about her every day and I will never stop protesting Raisi. He doesn’t deserve the respect of the international community. “

Ebrahami and his Majidi are due to file lawsuits under Scottish and English law demanding that Raisi be arrested for “crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide” if he wishes to attend the COP26 climate change conference.

Ebrahami told the newspaper, “My feet were cuffed to the bed frame and beaten – they told me to open my fist if I wanted to confess. Torture always followed interrogation.

They kept me standing up for two days and nights and hit my face and body.

Hundreds of my friends died. During the first few days in prison, they were shot in the head or in the heart. I could hear the barrage of bullets at night. Then from 1988 people were hanged. “

The newspaper said that only 13 of the more than 200 prisoners in a section of the prison where Ahmad was held survived.

US President Joe Biden and Pope Francis are expected to take part in the climate conference.

Separately but coherently, the Ohio-based Chronicle Telegram paper reported Saturday on a November “protest aimed at Oberlin College professor who was a UN diplomat during the 1988 Iran executions”.

The families of political prisoners executed by the Iranian regime in 1988 formed a broad coalition of Oberlin College alumni, students and human rights activists for a demonstration on West Lorain Street in Oberlin city on the 2nd on the 2nd.

The coalition organization is called Oberlin Committee for Justice for Mahallati’s Victims.

Amnesty International said Oberlin College professor Mohammad Jafar Mahallati committed “crimes against humanity” while serving as the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations in 1988.

Amnesty claimed that Mahallati was one of the cleric’s leaders “actively involved in denying the mass murders in media interviews and in exchanges with the UN in order to protect those responsible from accountability”.

Mahallati rejected the allegations made against him in the 2018 Amnesty Report. The protesters want Oberlin College to fire Mahallati.

The Post reported last week that the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Bureau is currently investigating a complaint alleging that Oberlin College created a hostile environment for Jewish students. The lawsuit alleges that Mahallati glorified terrorism in his classes and promoted the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel. Mahallati refused to respond to media inquiries from the Post.


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