Iran’s Tourism Minister meets with Azerbaijan’s Culture Minister


Iran’s Heritage, Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Sayyid Ezzatollah Zarghami met with Anar Karimov, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in Tehran on Tuesday.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Iranian Ministry, speaking at the meeting, the Iranian minister referred to the close and ancient ties between Iran and Azerbaijan in all cultural, social and political spheres, adding, “Our nations consider each other to be close and governments should.” do their best to remove obstacles and their closeness.”

Noting the importance of the Khodaafarin Bridge in the relations between the two countries, he said, “This bridge, located on the border between the two countries, is a symbol of the establishment of a friendship bridge between Iran and Azerbaijan.”

Highlighting the areas of joint cooperation, the Minister for Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts added: “The preservation and restoration of historical monuments and buildings is one of the most important tasks of this ministry. I was very impressed by the destruction of mosques in Karabakh.” . We stand ready to work together in this area and to restore the mosques destroyed during the war in Qarabagh. What needs to be destroyed today is the walls between nations, not the monuments.”

Describing the shared world records as a symbol of connection and civilizational solidarity between the two nations, Zarghami said, “The shared world records on some subjects, such as baking thin bread, miniatures and violins, show that these works belong to all of mankind Submitting a work to the world record means it belongs to the whole world.”
The Minister of Heritage, Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts stressed the need to preserve the cultural and civilizational similarities between Iran and Azerbaijan, stating: “Culture must unite the countries. Common enemies try to differentiate and divide culture, but we must strive to unite all of humanity through common culture.”

Ganjavi’s epic songs were cited as one of the main cultural similarities between the two countries, adding, “This great and famous poet is one of the honors of mankind.” We must pay attention to the content of his poems and use them to create them Unit.”

Zarghami stressed the importance of registering a common iftar file with UNESCO, adding: “Iftar is an intangible heritage, a divine and human relationship that has existed between our people and Azerbaijan for a long time, and its worldwide registration is of particular importance. ”

The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan described his first visit to Iran as coinciding with the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, adding: “Political relations between the two countries are at a high level and this issue can be the improvement other relationships.”

He also emphasized the cultural and civilizational similarities between Iran and Azerbaijan and the strengthening of these cultural roots, as well as the development of cooperation in the fields of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts.

He also called for more contact between the nations and unity, and expressed an interest in developing the area between the two countries.

“Our relations are not only bilateral, but also multilateral, and we have good relations within international organizations,” Karimov said. “When I was a member of UNESCO, the world registration of Iranian works was particularly important to me.”

The registration of joint world monuments, the construction of mosques destroyed during the years of the Nagorno-Karabakh war and the revival of Islamic civilization in the region were other issues emphasized by the Azerbaijani culture minister at the meeting.

He also referred to the Khodaafarin Bridge as the Friendship Bridge, adding, “This bridge is the main connecting route of the Silk Road between East and West, and we are trying to register it with UNESCO.” We have prepared a letter of intent for the registration of this bridge and sent it to you, which I hope will be signed during the trip to Baku.”

The meeting was attended by Ali Darabi, Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, Javid Ramadan, Deputy Minister of State Services for the Preservation, Development and Reconstruction of Azerbaijan’s Cultural Heritage, and Aq Joonesh, Head of Department of International Affairs of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Culture Minister Karimov visited Imam Khomeini’s mausoleum in southern Tehran on Monday to commemorate the founder of the Islamic Revolution.



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