Iraqi Kurdistan’s inaction towards Kurdish militants anger Iran


TEHERAN – As the latest indication that the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan has not sufficiently heeded Iran’s earlier warnings about the activism of dissident groups, a senior Iranian general warned the Iraqi Kurdish authorities to curb the activities of these groups.

Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, the commander of the ground forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, warned the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) against allowing terrorist groups to use their territory to endanger the security of the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian general stressed that Iran had repeatedly warned the KRG authorities about the activities of terrorist and militant groups, but that they had not taken any measures to prevent these activities disrupting security in the border regions of Iran.

“Terrorist and counter-revolutionary groups linked to global arrogance and foreign espionage services have been using the territory of Northern Iraq for many years to undermine security and peace in the border areas of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to harass the inhabitants of these regions”, the ground force commander of the IRGC said.

“In this regard, the Iraqi government and officials in the northern region of Iraq have been given the necessary warnings,” he continued.

He made the remarks on Monday in response to recent moves by armed anti-Iran terrorists in the country’s northwestern border areas while inspecting military units and border posts in that region.

General Pakpour stressed that the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region should not allow terrorists to roam and establish their headquarters in the KRG to threaten and unsettle Iran.

“We take all negligence and negligence into account [of duty] This runs counter to good neighborliness and good relations between the two countries, ”he warned.

General Pakpour even threatened to attack the headquarters of anti-revolutionary groups based in the KRG and advised residents of these groups to stay away.

“Given the situation in the [northern Iraqi] Region and the possibility of [giving] a determined and devastating response by the Islamic Republic of Iran to terrorist groups linked to Iran’s archenemies [Islamic] Revolution and the Islamic establishment, which are entrenched in northern Iraqi territory, we ask the residents of this region to distance themselves from the bases of the terrorists so that they are not harmed, ”he warned.

Rahmatullah Firouzipour, an Iranian lawmaker, repeated the same warning, saying that Iran will not tolerate some militant groups entering Iran from border areas.

According to the legislature, Iran has repeatedly warned KRG officials and Baghdad about the movements of terrorist groups based in the region against Iran. So if this practice continues, Iran will take the necessary and serious measures.

“What is certain is that, despite its complete independence and non-interference in the security issues of the countries, Iran will not tolerate that some people want to enter the territory and borders of the Islamic Republic and will certainly deal with it,” he told Iranian diplomacy.

“If these attacks are to come from inside Iraq, the Iraqi government is responsible and should not allow some people on its territory as an opposition group to try to create problems for neighboring countries,” said Firouzpour.

The Iranian warnings came almost a month after the Iranian Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Admiral Ali Shamkhani, called for Iraq to exclude these groups from the KRG so that Iran would not be forced into “preventive” measures.

At a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein in Tehran, Shamkhani told the Iraqi diplomat that “some militant anti-Iranian terrorist groups” had holed up in the Kurdistan region and that the Iraqi government should expel them. “We ask the Iraqi government to take more serious measures to evict these groups from Iraqi Kurdistan so that Iran is not forced to take preventive measures to prevent the continuation of the evil of armed terrorists in Iraqi Kurdistan,” Shamkhani told Hussein.

Almost two weeks ago, the KRG Interior Ministry asked the Kurdish opposition parties from neighboring countries not to use the territory of the Kurdistan region as a base for their operations and to spare the KRG from participating in regional conflicts. But this request seems to have been inadequate, as Iranian media reported that the anti-Iran groups based in the KRG had made new movements.

The Iraqi Kurdistan region has long been used by anti-Iranian terrorist groups such as the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) and its offshoot PJAK, which are active in Iraq and Turkey, to launch occasional attacks on positions on the Iranian border guards and Border areas in northwestern parts of the country, Press TV reported, adding that the attacks were all confronted with devastating reactions from Iranian border guards and other military units stationed in these areas.


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