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In comments at a cultural event in the southwestern Iranian city of Dezful on Wednesday, Major General Hossein Salami issued a stark warning to the Zionist regime, whose bases in Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region were recently destroyed in a rocket attack by the IRGC.

The commander warned the Israeli regime to stop its mischievous actions, saying the Zionists, who always miscalculate, had taken a severe beating in the recent IRGC rocket attack.

Unless the Zionists stop their evil deeds, the small openings made for them in the world will be closed forever, the general warned.

Major General Salami stressed that the IRGC would not only hold funerals for the martyrs, but would “take revenge on them immediately”.

“This is a serious and genuine message,” added the senior commander, warning the Israeli regime that repeating mistakes would force it to face another IRGC missile attack.

On March 13, the IRGC launched a rocket attack on a Zionist strategic center in Erbil, warning the Israeli regime that a repetition of the vicious behavior will result in Iran’s harsh and devastating response.

A source later said that the IRGC used Fateh-class missiles in the operation, including the Fateh-110 missiles.

“The center hit by the rockets was a place where a remarkable number of Zionists were congregating, and given the number of people residing at that base, the likelihood of the (Zionist) regime claiming human casualties is very high,” the source added.


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