IRGCN seizes ships smuggling fuel in the Red Sea


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy has seized a foreign-registered ship in the Red Sea for allegedly smuggling fuel out of the Gulf.

  • In this image released by the Iranian Army on Friday, July 15, 2022, an Iranian warship carries drones during an exercise in the Indian Ocean (Iranian Army via AP)

According to state media reports, a foreign-registered ship smuggling fuel out of the Gulf has been seized by Iranian naval forces and its crew arrested.

General Ramazan Zirahi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps told state media that “a foreign ship carrying 757,000 liters of smuggled fuel has been seized,” noting that “the seven crew members, who are foreign nationals, have been arrested and handed over to the judicial authorities.” .” General Zirahi did not mention the nationalities of these foreign nationals, the timing of the seizure of the ship, or the flag under which it was flying.

Iran has announced numerous operations in recent months aimed at combating oil smuggling in the Gulf, where a significant portion of the world’s oil is extracted and transported.

beginning of September

An Iranian naval flotilla briefly seized two U.S. military unmanned research vessels in the Red Sea before releasing them, Iranian state media reported Sept. 2.

The Iranian Navy’s “destroyer Jamaran” encountered several U.S. military unmanned research vessels en route on the international shipping lane Thursday while conducting a counter-terrorism mission in the Red Sea, Iranian state television said.

It added that the flotilla “after two warnings from an American destroyer had seized the two drone ships to prevent possible accidents”.

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