Is Kosher Meat Halal for Muslims?


For Muslims living in mostly non-Muslim countries, finding halal certified meat will be difficult.

As such, some often substitute kosher meat that follows Jewish dietary laws. The following explains whether kosher meat is halal for Muslims.

Is Kosher Meat Halal or Haram?

Kosher meat is Partly halal.

“Both halal and kosher meat follow the same slaughter procedure, which requires a ritual slaughterer to quickly cut the animal’s throat, say a prayer, and drain the animal’s blood. In terms of slaughter, kosher meat can be classified as halal and consumed by Muslims.

However, there is a slight difference on the issue of tasmiya where the opinion of the majority of Islamic scholars requires the utterance of tasmiya before an animal is slaughtered.

Although halakhic law also requires that a shochet (a Jew trained in the practice of slaughter) bless the act of slaughter with certain blessings, because the Jewish belief that the name of God should be invoked only for good reason is repeated the Sochet does not apply this blessing to each animal and holds that one blessing read at the beginning of the slaughter is sufficient for a number of animals provided each animal is slaughtered without a break.

Therefore, with a blessing, a shochet could sacrifice several cows or a hundred chickens. For Muslim minorities who do not require a tasmiya (particularly the Shafi’i school), or for those who believe that a tasmiya is permissible for multiple slaughters, kosher meat is halal.

As for Muslims who require a special tasmiya for each animal (especially in Hanafi schools), then kosher meat is not halal unless it is unavoidable that each animal is given a blessing. “


Is it Safe for Muslims to Eat?

For Muslims who do not require tasmiya to be read for each animal, kosher meat is halal (permissible) and safe to eat. Conversely, however, for Muslims who require tasmiya to be read for each anima, kosher meat is better avoided and they try to look for zabihah halal meat.

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Kosher meat can be classified as halal considering that it also undergoes the same slaughter procedures as under Sharia law. But the decision to consume kosher meat is entirely up to each Muslim.

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