Israel and the US should discuss “Plan B” if nuclear talks with Iran are not resumed



Biden’s candidate for US envoy to Israel testifies at the Senate confirmation hearing

In the opening remarks at his confirmatory hearing before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Nides, nominated by US President Biden as Ambassador to Israel, said that if confirmed, his top priorities would be to strengthen Israel’s security and expand US-Israeli economic relations The cooperation with Israel will include on foreign investment to counter China and strengthen the Abraham Accords.

“Israel is one of our closest security partners in countering a wide range of threats, including the critical threat posed by Iran. President Biden has made his promise clear that Iran will never develop a nuclear weapon. Maintaining Israel’s security serves the US national security interests and ensures that we always have a strong, reliable and safe partner, â€says Nides.

Regarding the economic relationship between the US and Israel, Nides said that “Israel’s start-up nation welcomes US business” and that US companies have established more than two-thirds of the more than 300 foreign investment and development centers in Israel.

He also notes Biden’s stated commitment to work with Israel to include the Jewish state in the US visa waiver program.

The Biden candidate says the US will work with other democracies to combat “international institutional prejudice against Israel” and adds that the US government will continue to oppose the boycott-divestment and sanctions movement. “If this is confirmed, while respecting the right of all Americans to freedom of expression, I will continue the tireless work of this administration to firmly oppose the BDS movement and boycott laws,” he continues.

“The Abraham Accords – yes, the Abraham Accords – are vital to the stability and prosperity of the region,” says Nides in his own attempt to quell any remaining speculation that the Biden administration may have fears shaped by the Trump team. Name to be used for the normalization agreement between Israel and countries in the Arab and Muslim world.

“I will personally support all efforts to expand cooperation between Israel and countries in the Arab and Muslim world, and I hope to strengthen the Abrahamic Accord and identify ways to expand Israel’s relationship.” [with] other countries in the Arab and Muslim world, â€he says.

Nides then goes on to parrot a frequently used topic of conversation in the Biden government that “although we support normalization between Israel and other countries, this is no substitute for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and we try to use existing and future agreements, to achieve tangible improvements â€. for the Palestinian people to preserve the vision of a negotiated two-state solution. “

Nides says he is “obliged to do my part to rebuild the partnership between the American and Palestinian peoples”.

The candidate concludes by stating that “open and fruitful dialogues only strengthen our partnership and deepen the bonds between Americans and Israelis”.



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