Jumblat says he faces “Syrian-Iranian axis” in elections and will not support Bassil or Franjieh-Naharnet


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat said that “the Syrian-Iranian axis and the Free Patriotic Movement” will contest the parliamentary elections against “what remains of an independent national decision in Mukhtara and areas other than Mukhtara.” .

“The entire assembly of Democrats is being targeted, and this is not Taymour Jumblat’s fight, but the fight for sovereign, independent national-Arab decision-making,” he added.

Commenting on the recent return of the Saudi and Kuwaiti ambassadors to Lebanon, Jumblat hoped the Gulf would “seek political and economic balance in Lebanon so that we do not remain hostage and under the control of the Iranians and Syrians.”

On Hezbollah, Jumblat said: “We have not abandoned the idea of ​​disarming Hezbollah…but I will not support the theory of some political parties, such as Fares Soaid, that these weapons should be forcibly removed.”

“It’s impossible and would embroil us in a civil war that we’d be better off without,” added the PSP boss.

Noting that there should be a dialogue about weapons, Jumblat said, “We need to know that the weapons that are present are Iranian weapons.”

“They are a party, a group and a regime that doesn’t believe in dialogue and we’ve seen this from Rafik Hariri to Lokman Slim, but we have to have a very calm approach and we have to confront,” added the PSP leader .

Speaking on his good relations with Speaker Nabih Berri, Jumblat said: “We cannot forget that Berri is a key and important figure for the Shiites and that he does not always approve of Hezbollah’s policies, but think of the pressure he is facing from Iran exposed to Syria and remember he has not visited Syria since the start of the Syrian war.”

“When decisions need to be made, he doesn’t always agree with Hezbollah, but confronting the Iranians and Syrians is not an easy matter,” the PSP leader continued.

When asked about the presidential election and whether he would prefer the election of Free Patriotic Movement leader Jebran Bassil or Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh, Jumblat said: “Neither Jebran Bassil nor Suleiman Franjieh. We’re done with that. Last time we went with (Ex-PM Saad) Hariri and we both paid the price. May God forgive him.”

Jumblat also noted that President Michel Aoun “was not elected by force of arms, but by the force of alliances.”

“Hariri advocated the reconciliation of Franjieh and (Lebanese Armed Forces Chief Samir) Geagea with Aoun, which led to the latter’s election through voting,” the PSP leader pointed out.


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