Letter: 2022/23 The Catholic SCOTUS has a lot in store for us | letters to the editor


The Radical Republican Catholic Majority Supreme Court is already planning to overturn more rights next year. Freedoms such as contraception of all kinds, from condoms to IUDs; voting rights and protection; of course more freedom for women; and any climate control legislation because “it clashes with ‘God’s will'”. Clean water and clean air initiatives will be erased. “Climate change is inevitable, not man-made – it cannot be avoided.”

They will allow states to overturn voters’ decisions in state and federal elections; create controversial state electoral measures; Manipulating becomes even freer than this year to create a theocratic republican nation; LBGTQ+ rights; same-sex marriage but not interracial; Transsexual; consensual sex between unmarried couples (reviving an old law); finally the rights of states. Electric vehicles will be banned; They will decide a new rule giving the state and government jurisdiction over legal authority on tribal lands (another precedent broken?).

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Should race be considered for college admissions (another precedent to “get rid of”)? Should race even be a government issue? Your problems?

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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