Massive backups in Portland and Falmouth due to the Veranda plan


Be prepared!

We’ve been warned, but can a warning really prepare you for what’s about to happen? Only when the plan is put into action. What exactly is the porch plan? Aside from sounding like an awesome Netflix limited series, the plan is to replace the Veranda Street Bridge… and a TON of thoughtful planning went into making this go as smoothly as possible.

But no matter how much planning and dissemination you do, when reality kicks in…well, sometimes it can be a hard pill to swallow. First, the Maine Department of Transportation does some pretty fancy stuff here. You are moving an already built bridge into place. Normally, this process can take months, if not years – and the actual replacement takes just 4 days.

That leaves you heading north or south with a few options. When traveling to Falmouth on local transport, you should rely on Presumscot Street. But expect delays en route to Portland!

If you’re on Route One in Falmouth, heading to the Turnpike or 295 North, expect this traffic on Route One!

Here’s a cool little video to show you what to do.

But really, they weren’t kidding when they said if you can stay home and just avoid everything – YOU’RE WELCOME! Or be patient. I hear horns honking in my living room. Imagine, nothing goes faster with the horn – it’s just annoying. Good luck, take a breath and enjoy the snazzy new bridge when it’s ready on Monday morning!

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