Navy chief says Iran is ready to conduct operations anywhere on the open sea


TEHRAN — Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, the commander of Iran’s Navy, has said the nation’s naval forces are fully capable of conducting operations anywhere on the world’s seas.

He also mentioned that his forces will embark on a special mission in the current Persian calendar year ending March 20, 2023.

According to Admiral Irani, the operation will undoubtedly take place this year, but the exact timing depends on the planning of the Navy headquarters.

The admiral explained that given the need to be present in oceans, the Navy plans to build a number of ships that will serve as floating bases for the Navy.

Such ships must be built, he said, and perhaps they will be.

“The Navy displays new equipment on certain occasions, such as the 10-day dawn commemorating the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and a ship that is unveiled is a base ship like Makran,” he explained.

As early as June, the rear admiral also emphasized the readiness of his armed forces to be deployed to protect Iran’s interests in international waters.

At an event to recognize World Oceans Day, he stressed that “Iranian Navy forces are present in every ocean when needed.”

He said Iran’s naval forces are present in the Indian Ocean to maintain peace and security, citing the direct and indirect escort of cargo ships by the country’s naval destroyers.

“The country’s naval forces are ready to vigorously counter any foreign threat,” Irani said.

He reiterated that Iranians want peace, not conflict, unless their adversaries intend to jeopardize the nation’s security.

Iranian Navy troops would take violent revenge on any opponents who pose a threat to the nation’s security, Admiral Irani warned.

Also in late February, the navy chief stressed that his armed forces will stand resolutely against enemies and will respond resolutely to any threat or false step against the country’s territorial waters. At the time, he claimed that supraregional states were unable to bring security and peace to the people of the region.

“Our resources and interests in the sea are very diverse, and our Navy is deployed wherever we see a threat. No nation has dared to invade Iran’s territorial waters because of the Iranian Navy’s dominance, presence and ongoing surveillance of the seas and oceans,” the commander said.

According to its military doctrine, the military power of the Islamic Republic is only for self-defense and does not pose a threat to other governments.

The Iranian armed forces today are completely self-sufficient in terms of armament, which is due to the significant advances made by military specialists and technologists in the country.

Iran’s military capabilities, particularly its defense-only drone and missile capability, will never be negotiable, according to Iranian authorities, who have repeatedly stressed the point.

In response to regional challenges, Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani recently outlined plans to upgrade and modernize the country’s naval forces.

“The Ministry of Defense will update and equip the armed forces’ naval fleet in proportion to the needs of the armed forces and regional threats in all territorial waters,” Ashtiani said, highlighting Iran’s geopolitical position in the region and the strategic importance of the Persian Gulf to the Islamic Republic .

The defense minister also said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the presence of foreigners and ultra-regional forces as a cause of insecurity in the region.”

“Peace and tranquility is our message to the region and the globe. On the other hand, we believe that with the presence and cooperation of all regional nations, peace and stability in the region are possible,” the general underscored.


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