Nine executions in five days in Iran


According to human rights activists, the authorities in Iran hanged at least nine detainees within five days. Iranian activists reported that the government has executed at least 143 prisoners since the Persian New Year on March 21.

However, this is not the actual number executed, as more than 70 percent of the death sentences were secretly imposed, according to the Human Rights Activists (HRANA) news agency.

Ali-Mardan Boland-Gerami hanged in Yasuj prison

The Iranian authorities executed Ali-Mardan Boland-Gerami in Yasuj prison in Kohgiluyeh and in Boyer-Ahmad province at dawn on Wednesday, September 8, the human rights organization No to Prison – No to Execution reported.

According to activists, Mr Boland-Gerami was arrested four years ago for the murder of his wife. However, further investigation revealed that the woman had died in her sleep. The forensic center also stated that she had lost her life due to internal bleeding; However, there was no sign of beating or mistreatment of her body.

Regarding the lack of evidence, the judge ruled on the basis of Qasameh. Based on the Islamic Republic’s Criminal Code, the oaths of 50 male relatives of the victims allow the judge to punish the accused in the absence of reliable evidence.

In this context, first 50 male relatives cursed, then executioners hanged Mr. Boland-Gerami while his wife had died in her sleep, not at a family celebration or a public gathering. Indeed, this is yet another case of systematic and grave human rights violations in Iran under theocratic rule.

On the same day, authorities secretly executed at least seven inmates, including three women, in the notorious Rajaeishahr Prison in Karaj City, Alborz Province. One of the executed inmates was identified as Abdolrahim Khani.

There is no information about other victims; state media only reported an execution that was the result of manslaughter in a fabricated car accident. The media avoided giving further details about other executed inmates.

According to inmates and people familiar with the prison’s operations, the authorities regularly carry out death sentences on Mondays and Wednesdays. Prisoners call these days “Black Monday and Wednesday” when they fear losing their friends and cellmates.

Adham Maksani was hanged at the secret agent’s request

At the request of an intelligence officer, the Iranian authorities arrested Adham Maksani in Iranshahr prison in the southeastern province of Sistan and Balochistan on Saturday, November 11th.

The Baluch activists’ human rights campaign reported that Mr. Maksani was hanged in prison after serving ten years in prison. According to the report, after his wife was murdered, he referred to a police station on the same day to prevent a family quarrel.

In 2012, a court diagnosed the case as manslaughter and sentenced Mr. Maksani to life imprisonment. However, the authorities suddenly hanged him. A source familiar with the case said one of the victim’s relatives was an intelligence officer who had pressured the court to reopen the case and sentence Mr. Maksani to death.

Political prisoner Yasir Mangoori is said to have been tortured to death

According to the Kurdish human rights organization Hengaw, the 31-year-old political prisoner Yasir Mangoori was tortured to death in Urmia prison in the northeastern province of West Azerbaijan. He was married and the father of two children. The authorities had denied his family any contact with Mr. Mangoori for the past two months.

Mr. Mangoori was from Piranshahr City and had been arrested by local intelligence two months earlier. Activists reported that he was subjected to inhuman and brutal torture by intelligence officials, resulting in his death before September 8th.

“On Wednesday, September 8, the Mangoori family received a call from the Urmia Secret Service saying that their loved one had died,” said a source close to the Mangooris. “Security agencies went on to say that Yasir was killed two months ago in a conflict with security forces.”

“Yasser was not armed and was arrested on July 17th after leaving home,” his family said.


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