NJ gas tax fell on Friday, but don’t be dazzled



The New Jersey gas tax is required by law to bring in $ 2 billion a year for the Transportation Trust Fund. It was not always like this.

Under Chris Christie, the law was changed in 2016 because an often-searched transportation fund ran out. Instead of holding those who did so accountable for wrongdoing, lawmakers simply raised the gas tax and changed the law.

Now it is based on consumption. If driving a car has not delivered enough tanks and thus enough money, the gasoline tax increases. If it is more than enough, the tax will be lowered.

This time it’s going down.

On Friday, New Jersey’s gasoline tax down 8.3 cents per gallon. But remember, it was up 9.3 cents last October. What is this old political question about, are you better today than four years ago? In this case, just consider a year. And no, you are not.

But don’t watch out for the 8.3 cents drop. See what that brings. The gas tax is now 42.4 cents per gallon. Do you know what it was BEFORE you fixed your own offense with this gasoline tax hike in 2016? 14 and a half cents a gallon. One of the lowest in the nation. One of the few things New Jersey can be proud of. You got that fixed, didn’t you?

So before you start celebrating those wonderful 8 pennies less per gallon, keep in mind that you are still paying 42.4 cents per gallon, which is about a nickel more than when you first hike in 2016.

We went from one of the lowest gas taxes in America to one of the highest. Not everyone voted for it. Then Jack Ciattarelli MP, who is now running for governor, definitely did not. But those who did would love to faint over this 8 cent drop and feel like a gift. In reality, the thief simply dropped one of your cufflinks on the way out of your house.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of talk show host Jeff Deminski of New Jersey 101.5. All opinions expressed are those of Jeff Deminski.

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