Pedro Pascal sent the Halo Star child a sweet birthday message


Pablo Schreiber reveals he got The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal to send the Halo star’s child a sweet birthday message instead of an actor tip.

Pablo Schreiber reveals he made it The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal to send gloriole Star’s Kid a sweet birthday message instead of acting advice. In the Paramount+ series, Schreiber plays Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, a genetically engineered super soldier who leads the team of super soldiers known as the Spartans in their fight against the theocratic alien collective known as the Covenant, who are attempting to wipe out humankind. when she thinks about it she’s an affront to her gods. Besides Schreiber, the cast is for gloriole Includes Jen Taylor as Cortana, who reprises her role from the Bungie and 343 Industries video game franchise, Natascha McElhone, Yerin Ha, Bokeem Woodbine, Shabana Azmi, Olive Gray and Charlie Murphy.


Pascal leads the cast The Mandalorian as Din Djarin, a lonely bounty hunter who ventures across the galaxy taking on a series of jobs while also trying to protect The Child, a toddler member of Yoda’s nameless species. the war of stars The spinoff series has received rave reviews for its first two seasons, with Pascal’s performance being particularly praised for his effective and emotional character development, even when mostly obscured by his helmet. While parallels could be drawn between Pascal’s Mandalorian and Schreiber’s Master Chief, one of the stars doesn’t quite see it that way.

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When speaking to TVLine before the premiere of the show, gloriole Star Pablo Schreiber was asked if he reached out The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal for advice on portraying a helmeted character. The actor laughed at the question but revealed he got Pascal to send his child a sweet birthday message. See what Schreiber said below:

“No – but I called [Pedro] and ask him for a birthday video for my kid! From one helmeted soldier to another: ‘Can I have a little birthday greeting?’ He was very accommodating and sent me one straight away.”

Halo Master Chief exposed

It’s easy to see why some might wonder if gloriole‘s Master Chief actor reached out to him The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal for advice on portraying a fully helmeted character, given the success the latter has had in his role in recent years. It’s not the first time Schreiber has addressed the similarities between the two roles, however, with the star previously noting that while both characters are known for mostly donning their helmets, Din Djarin was a new character without the precedent of an invisible face , unlike Master Chief’s face had a longer legacy of invisibility. Revealing Master Chief’s face gloriole has drawn some criticism from fans of the video game franchise for violating the one rule set for the character to run.

Schreiber’s revelation that he got The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal to send gloriole Star’s Kid a birthday message is sure to be a sweet story for fans of both stars and their respective attributes. While some question Schreiber’s decision not to consult Pascal for advice, it’s also understandable that the former would want to find his own way to bring the legendary Master Chief to life for the lengthy series adaptation. the gloriole The series premiere is streaming now on Paramount+, with new episodes releasing every Thursday.

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