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“We are ready to share all of our capabilities and potential, including short and inexpensive transport and transit networks, an exceptionally well-educated workforce, and significant scientific achievements [help] BRICS is delivering on its goals,” President Ebrahim Raisi said in a televised address at the BRICS Business Forum virtual summit attended by the group’s leaders on Friday.

He said the “new and diverse” challenges in today’s connected world are affecting global friendship and peace. President Raisi underlined the need to increase interactions between the BRICS countries in the face of new crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and regional and international conflicts.

There is collective experience and the will to overcome the existing problems, which would facilitate the implementation of collective development initiatives, the president said.

“We must strengthen the global platform for the effective role of independent multilateral institutions in achieving integrated development and global peace.”

The Iranian President said that conflicting global approaches, unilateralism, nationalism and challenges such as sanctions and economic coercion underscore the importance of “creating and strengthening new institutions alongside the United Nations” to take an important step towards realizing a “humane society with a… common future” while respecting the national sovereignty of the countries.

President Raisi said that BRICS, as a pioneering group composed of major emerging economies, has been able to launch new global trends by promoting its initiatives.

“With complementary economies and cultural diversity, BRICS members can meet each other’s needs and share their national and indigenous development experiences to promote global prosperity.”

He said BRICS managed to play an effective role in promoting goals such as developing South-South relations, reforming the international financial system, and presenting ideas and initiatives from its members, demonstrating the innovative nature and effectiveness the group now and in the future.

The Islamic Republic believes in global justice, said President Raisi, stressing that there is an “undeniable need” to translate such an ideal into dialogue at the international level.

The BRICS group includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Their economies account for more than 40% of the world’s population and almost a quarter of the world’s gross domestic product.


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