President: Iran should achieve basic food self-sufficiency – Business news


At a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Raisi stressed the importance of ensuring food security and achieving self-sufficiency in the production of basic and strategic goods.

“The Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with other institutions, including scientific and knowledge-based centers, should make plans to make the country self-sufficient in the production of basic commodities in the shortest possible time so that we no longer have (imports from) other countries,” the president added added.

He further pointed to the escalation of dust pollution in various provinces, especially in southwestern Iran, stressing that solving the problem requires cooperation between neighbors and regional countries.

Raisi tasked Iran’s Ministry of Environment to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant organizations to address air pollution caused by haze and particles through consultations with neighboring states.

Air quality has dropped alarmingly in Tehran and other cities in Iran in recent days, which authorities blame on devastating dust storms from neighboring Iraq and Syria.


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