Pro-Trump Republican Lauren Boebert says God will remove “unjust” politicians in wild speech at a religious conference


Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert suggested that the US government must take instructions from the Christian Church during a recent speech at a religious congress.

Right Wing Watch reports that Ms. Boebert spoke at a Truth & Liberty Coalition conference on Saturday. The Truth & Liberty Coalition is a religious right-wing political organization founded by Pastor Andrew Wommack.

During her speech, Ms. Boebert urged Christians to “speak up” for God in order to remove “unjust politicians, these corrupt, corrupt politicians” and to use “just men and women of God” in their place.

Ms. Boebert faces questions for failing to reveal that her husband consulted energy companies, which grossed him more than a million dollars. She did not report this money while running for Congress, which is mandatory. She is also being investigated by the Federal Election Commission for allegedly using campaign funds to pay for her personal expenses.

The congresswoman has been in office for less than a year.

Later in her speech, Ms. Boebert suggested that the Christian Church had “given too much authority to the government”.

“We shouldn’t take orders from the government, the government has to look at the church and ask,” How do we do this effectively? “She said.

The Congresswoman also claimed that she was drafting impeachment articles against Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“We can’t take another 18 months, we can’t take another three years of this poor, failed leadership,” she said. “We are sons and daughters of revolutionaries. They went to battle for a lot less. You made yourself a lot less strong. “

Ms. Boebert is known for tweeting “Today is 1776” on Jan. 6 when supporters of Donald Trump tried to stop the election certification in the Capitol by indicting the building and fighting police officers.

In addition to her desire for a more theocratic nation, the staunchly pro-Trump Boebert also expressed her frustration with Mr Biden’s treatment of unvaccinated people in the United States.

“When we see Biden reaching out to the nation and the world and treating unvaccinated Americans with more contempt, anger and aggression than terrorists, we have a problem,” she said.

Mr Biden recently launched a vaccine plan that requires companies with more than 100 employees to implement a vaccination mandate or ensure that their employees are tested for Covid-19 on a weekly basis. The plan also provides vaccinations for all federal employees without exception.


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