Rally against CRT, transgender policy in Loudoun County



LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – Loudoun’s parents and residents were joined by self-proclaimed “national agitators” at a rally prior to the Loudoun School Board meeting Tuesday evening. The rally participants spoke out against critical racial theory and guidelines for the protection of transgender students.

Critical Racial Theory is an ideological framework based on the assumption that the United States was founded on ideas of racism and that racist ideas permeate much of society. On several occasions, Loudoun County officials have determined that they are not teaching critical racial theory in schools.

Speakers also raised concerns about Directive 8040, a directive passed by the Schools Board last month that protects the rights of transgender students. Signs held by attendees raised concerns about “biological boys using girls’ toilets”.

Participants in the rally even came from New Jersey to support the speakers.

The rally was organized by Patti Hidalgo, President of Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club.

During her speech, Hidalgo said the Loudoun County’s justice drive is part of a broader push towards socialism. She did not provide any further details, but claimed that the students were “pressured” and “indoctrinated” by critical racial theory.

Other speakers included Ian Prior, the executive director of Fight for Schools, a political action committee. “You are hostile to our First Amendment and our parenting rights,” said Prior. “You need to start acting like a school board and stop acting like a Politburo.”

The speakers were also unhappy with a recent change in the procedure at school board meetings. Now, public comments are limited to Loudoun residents, parents, students, business owners, and employees. In a press release, the school board said the change was made to prioritize community members’ votes rather than “out-of-town agitators.”

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One speaker, Josiah Gaiter of FreedomWorks, took pride in being a “national agitator” and called it an upgrade to his current job title.

Matt Walsh is a self-proclaimed theocratic fascist and commentator for the Daily Wire, a conservative website. Walsh believed the move to limit the speakers was aimed at him. Walsh is from Tennessee but wanted to speak at the school board meeting on Tuesday.

To get around the new rule, Walsh said he rented a Loudoun basement from Hidalgo for $ 1.

In his speech, Walsh said that residents must take action against a “morally corrupt education system”.

“Boys are boys and girls are girls,” said Walsh. “We won’t pretend otherwise.”

Walsh also alleged that the school board members were perverted and that policy 8040 was a direct attack on students.

The audience applauded when Walsh announced that “the days of polite collaboration are over”.

Many of the rally participants should also speak at the school board meeting. One of the participants, Thomas Pell, teaches at a private school in Loudoun County. He said he wanted to support teachers’ rights.

Andy Miller, an Uber driver and Catholic speaker from Fairfax, said he also rented a basement to speak at the meeting.

Miller said this was his first speech at a board meeting, but he was inspired by a desire to improve the community.

“I hope to have kids one day, and I hope we can create a society they’ll be proud of,” Miller said. He also noted that he wanted to encourage other people his age to get involved in politics.



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