Residents of a high-rise college building in UA were seen throwing boxes on the Islamic Center property | local news


The Tucson Islamic Center wants the college students who live in the high-rise apartment buildings across the street to stop throwing objects on their property.

It’s been a problem for years, and the most recent incident happened last month. Video footage from the mosque’s security system shows unidentified people dropping boxes from the balconies of the Sol Y Luna Apartments, a popular luxury private student housing complex on the edge of the University of Arizona campus.

Security footage from the Tucson Islamic Center shows boxes being thrown from the Sol Y Luna apartment into the Tucson Islamic Center parking lot across the street.

A similar situation happened last fall, when residents of the same complex threw glass bottles and cans from the apartments onto the center’s parking lot.

“I have no idea what their goal is,” said Muhammad Zaki, the Islamic Center’s director of public relations. “Sometimes I feel like they have something to prove to their friends by throwing these items. These are college students – they are young adults – they are not children, so they are aware of their actions.”

While it may seem like harmless mischief to the students throwing the objects, Zaki worries it could lead to more serious consequences, including injuring pedestrians and guests at the Islamic Center.

Nelson Partners owns Sol Y Luna Apartments. “Our team reported this incident to local law enforcement. We are cooperating fully with local law enforcement during this ongoing investigation,” Ashley Lott, a Nelson representative, said in an email to the Star on Friday.


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