“Revolution phobia”, the main task of the Iranian state media


Iran under clerical rule is one of those countries where freedom of expression, pen and media are nothing but an absurd joke.

From the beginning, this regime has suppressed women and the democratic freedoms of the people. In this context, the closure of newspapers and the banning of magazines and books by progressive organizations and parties and universities under the pretext of their so-called “cultural revolution” were among their repressive actions against the people.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the legal right to express their opinion, including the right to express their opinion without government interference. According to Reporters Without Borders, the religious dictatorship that rules Iran is one of the few governments that disregards the slightest freedom of the press and the media.

There are many different and colorful newspapers and magazines in Iran, but they do not fall under the “free media”. Each of them belongs to one of the factions of the regime. They are all tools of the regime to censor and divert people’s thoughts about the realities of the country, the regime and its corruption and repression, as well as the truth of the outside world.

Based on the laws of the regime, media directors and editorial staff must accept “sincere belief and practical commitment” to the Velayat-e Faqih (highest religious rule) and try to uphold the principles of the system.

In a statement, the General Staff of the regime’s armed forces declared the duty of such media:

“Now that the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran try more than security and economic activities with extensive media propaganda and psychological operations to undermine religious beliefs and ineffectively demonstrate the sacred system of the Islamic Republic, arousing division and distrust between the nation and the ruling power , and by distorting events, trying to create tension and uncertainty at the regional level, the media comrades on the front lines of the soft war confrontation have a very difficult mission in raising awareness and intelligently confronting the rumors and suspicions of the media empire that Dominance system (USA) and the protection of the sacred goals and aspirations of the Islamic Revolution. ”(Moj state news agency, August 7, 2021)

The most important task of these media, however, is to scare the population of any fundamental change in Iran if the government is overthrown. They write about anything related to their group’s interests, but two things are their red line:

  1. They do not address the principle of Velayat-e Faqih and exclude Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, his office and the institutions affiliated with him from any criticism. You are authorized never to approach this area.
  2. Your second red line is the Iranian Resistance. They do not have the right to reflect reality or even to spread impartially news about the People’s Mujahedin (MEK / PMOI) and their resistance units. In questions of system security, they promote the order that is ordered by higher institutions.

These two red lines play the role of an airbag to prevent protests. When they are forced to ponder the dire realities in Iran, the goal is to warn the regime of the danger of falling and not support the people.

A recent article in the state newspaper Etemad entitled ‘Gasoline Was Just A Nop!’ corresponds to this goal.

This state newspaper, referring to the task of “benevolence, enlightenment and reform”, points out its uselessness and influence:

“For years, sincere opponents have been trying hard, breathtaking and costly campaigns to make it clear to those in power that their ways are wrong in many ways and must be changed so that the country does not suffer serious accidents and high costs.

“Perhaps it can be said that this abundance of benevolence, advice, criticism, avoidance of violence and avoidance of greed and the will to reform by legal means was previously unprecedented, and that despite the smallest possible effect in all scriptures and proverbs.”, There is a strange and ambiguous one and maybe unprovoked hope. “

And this last sentence is the most important one that reveals the real goal of the regime’s media: “Because it is neither the time of the revolution, nor the revolution is the right thing, nor is it reasonable to look at aliens, is rational and conscious.”

And so the regime’s media play the role of the regime’s saviors: “Officials should try to bring society away from the point of desperation, because conflict is inevitable if we fail to identify and correct the gaps.” (State daily newspaper Hamdeli, October 30, 2021)

Another outlet warns the regime like this: “For our part, we warn that if the trustees do not take fundamental measures in joint action and cooperation with all people who start their own business in order to cope with the situation before us, there will be no way out of this crisis.” (State newspaper Arman, October 30, 2021)

These are just examples of the task of the dictator’s media to provide “benevolent advice” in order to maintain the dictatorship. But the reality is that change and revolution are some of the basic ground rules of any society and these media will not be able to change those rules.


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