Saba Qamar charged with filming a song in the Wazir Khan mosque



On October 6, Wednesday, a Pakistani court indicted actress Saba Qamar and her co-star and singer Bilal Saeed in a trial against them registered last August. A case against the ‘Hindi Medium’ actress in Pakistan had been registered for filming a music video in the historic Wazir Khan Mosque in the old town of Lahore.

The two were charged by the Pakistani judiciary, Javeria Bhatti, of desecrating the mosque. The court has scheduled the next hearing in the case on October 14th and has ordered prosecutors to present their witnesses that day.

In the meantime, both the actress and the singer have pleaded “not guilty” in court. They said they would appeal the process.

Regarding the subject, the actress claimed that she was posted under “unfounded facts”. “There was no dance or music in the mosque. I am wrongly involved in this case, â€she pleaded in court.

The controversy surrounding a video that actress Saba Qamar shot in the Wazir Khan Mosque in Pakistan

After the Pakistani actress announced the release of her song Qubool on August 11th last year, controversy broke out.

Shortly after the announcement, a clip of them dancing in the mosque circulated on social media and sparked controversy. The Pakistani police at Akbari Gate have initiated proceedings against Saba and Bilal at the request of lawyer Farhat Manzoor. According to Islamic law, which Pakistan follows, it is strictly forbidden to sing or make music in a mosque.

By order of the court, FIR against the actors and the team was registered under the sections “Religious offense, violation or contamination of places of worship with intent to offend the religion of any class, and willful and malicious acts to outrage religious feelings” of each class by insult their religion or their religious beliefs. “

Despite a clarification and apology for the filming of a song sequence at the historic Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore’s old town, arrest warrants were issued against actress Saba Qamar and singer Bilal Saeed in connection with a case in September.

According to a report in Geo News, the arrest warrants were issued by a judge for failing to appear in court.

In addition, the Pakistani government of Punjab had also removed two high-ranking officials who had allowed the filming of the song sequence in the mosque.

Saba is also known for the biopic she did on social media sensation Qandeel Baloch, who was murdered by her brother in 2016. She also made headlines when she expressed her grief over being pakistani while visiting countries like the US and UK.



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